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The Mavericks Invitational Big Wave Contest 1-20-13

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On Tuesday morning the “open for business” sign will remain perched on the window sill. The exposed breaks will see inconsistent sets in the chest to shoulder high plus zone. High morning tides will undoubtedly have an impact on the early bird, but it will drain out quickly through the morning.

2013-01-22 Tue 03:12 AM Moonset
2013-01-22 Tue 06:08 AM 5.62 feet High Tide
2013-01-22 Tue 06:48 AM Sunrise
2013-01-22 Tue 01:27 PM -0.04 feet Low Tide
2013-01-22 Tue 01:40 PM Moonrise
2013-01-22 Tue 05:12 PM Sunset
2013-01-22 Tue 07:53 PM 3.68 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair + with winds out of the NE/NNE in the 6-8 MPH zone until noon with mild afternoon onshores clocking in at 2-4 MPH. We’ll see another nice day with a high air temp 75 degrees.

For Wednesday morning things will start off on the slow side as a dying swell and 5.41 high tide around 6:30AM team up to shut the surf down for the dawn patrol. The better West facing breaks should see waist high plus sets with inconsistent +’s as the morning tide backs out.

2013-01-23 Wed 12:24 AM 2.29 feet Low Tide
2013-01-23 Wed 04:09 AM Moonset
2013-01-23 Wed 06:39 AM 5.41 feet High Tide
2013-01-23 Wed 06:56 AM Sunrise
2013-01-23 Wed 01:58 PM -0.26 feet Low Tide
2013-01-23 Wed 02:32 PM Moonrise
2013-01-23 Wed 05:15 PM Sunset
2013-01-23 Wed 08:28 PM 3.57 feet High Tide

The conditions look to be pretty good all day with 2-6 MPH, variable breezes through the day. We’ll see an air temp of 73 degrees.

For Thursday morning we should see some fresh, long interval, NW energy move down the line from a liberal, 280-290 degree angle. Most spots should see chest high plus sets while the standout, West facing breaks will see shoulder high to a couple feet overhead surf.

2013-01-24 Thu 01:03 AM 2.13 feet Low Tide
2013-01-24 Thu 04:55 AM Moonset
2013-01-24 Thu 06:55 AM Sunrise
2013-01-24 Thu 07:14 AM 5.62 feet High Tide
2013-01-24 Thu 02:25 PM -0.46 feet Low Tide
2013-01-24 Thu 03:24 PM Moonrise
2013-01-24 Thu 05:16 PM Sunset
2013-01-24 Thu 08:52 PM 3.73 feet High Tide

The conditions look to be relatively calm again with continued, all day, light and variable breezes in the 2-6 MPH range. We’ll see an air temp of 73 degrees.

For Friday morning the NW energy will taper off a hair, but continue to dish up shoulder to head high plus sets.

2013-01-25 Fri 01:38 AM 1.95 feet Low Tide
2013-01-25 Fri 05:38 AM Moonset
2013-01-25 Fri 06:55 AM Sunrise
2013-01-25 Fri 07:46 AM 5.77 feet High Tide
2013-01-25 Fri 02:52 PM -0.59 feet Low Tide
2013-01-25 Fri 04:19 PM Moonrise
2013-01-25 Fri 05:17 PM Sunset
2013-01-25 Fri 09:16 PM 3.89 feet High Tide

The conditions look to be great in the AM with NE/NNE winds in the 5-9 MPH zone until around noon and 2-8 MPH breezes out of the West until dark. We’ll see an air temp of 72 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 52 degrees, Huntington 57 degrees, the South Bay showed as 54 degrees, Santa Monica 54 degrees and Malibu 55 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!

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