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Florianó Trip

If you haven’t heard of the island of Florianopolis, Brazil yet, you should look into this place and get yourself familiar. Locals call the place ;Floripa (pronounced flor-ree-pah) and those who have been there know it as ;Ilha Magica, or … Continue reading

Mentawais Indonesia

Mentawais Indonesia March 24, 2005 – April 10, 2005 Boat: The Naga Laut Captain: Tom Patterson Indonesia consists of more than 10,000 islands, so as you can imagine the probability for world class surf is pretty high. That’s what brought … Continue reading

Mainland Mexico

MICHOACAN: Mainland Mexico’s Southern California of the Past No major airports. A paved road along the coast only completed in the 1980s. Many areas still without electricity. Nobody out at many firing surf spots visible from the main road. This … Continue reading

Western Somoa

It’s a steamy morning in the cradle of Polynesia. Who could blame writer James Mitchner for spilling so much adulation on this exotic island 50 years ago in "Tales of the South Pacific". This island he chose for his honeymoon … Continue reading

El Salvador

Check out our El Salvador Surf Report too! Surfers are constantly in search of new adventure, uncharted coastline, warm waters, consistent swells, and uncrowded line-ups. El Salvador offersall of these things, but anyone who travels to this tiny, Central American … Continue reading

E. NUSA Tengerra, Indonesia

I departed from San Francisco August 8; 20 hours later landed half way around the world in Bali, Indonesia. Finding this to be party central, I almost missed my flight the following morning to the East Nusa Tengarra region of … Continue reading

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