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We are opening up this area of our website for Guest Bloggers who are the best and meet the following criteria.  


Below is a list of requirement for guest blogging on SwellMagnet.


1. Unique Content – Content That Has Not Been Previously Posted On Another Website
2. 300-600 Words
3. Written specific to the target market. Our target market is surfers, surfing brands, surfing community, and beach life. 
4. The copy should be easy to read. Include bullets, numbering, short paragraphs, sub headings, etc.
5. Must include a cool pictures/images or a YouTube video that matches the content your guest blog post.
6. Provide helpful links to resources on the topic.
7. Include your Facebook/Instargam/YouTube profile link or a profile picture for social proof/authorship. 
8. Please try to include a call to action or next steps. (optional)
9. When your guest blog post is published, please share your post on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.(we will do the same)


Thank You! We appreciate a good business relationships and guest blogging helps everyone!


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