Cary Miller

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About Cary Miller:

Cary Miller is a Digital Imager from Marina del Rey, CA. Originally from New Jersey, he moved to California 15 years ago and has never looked back!

Over the past few years, he has have been developing his own style of imaging. When going to museums and galleries, he found that traditional photography began to bore him. He found that photographs looked so “20th Century.”

Miller then began to experiment with HDR (High Dynamic Range) images as well as other software imaging filters that were more than just Photoshop. His Surfer images are HDR images derived from a single RAW image and then combined with some proprietary techniques to produce each unique image.

He believes the final image doesn’t have to have any resemblance to the original capture. The image should be as he perceived it and the impression of what he saw at the time.

He can usually be found at El Porto, Venice and other key breaks in the area.

His work can be found at:

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