Natalie Anzivino

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Natalie Anzivino

age 21

years surfing little over 7

first board- randy Lewis single 70’s single fin

how she started- I’ve wanted to surf since as long a I can remember, but living in Bakersfield that was hard to do. Once we moved to the south bay my sister and I found a board in the trash and started teaching ourselves. For my fourteenth birthday my mom bought me a wetsuit and a surf lesson from dirk davis and I was good to go!

why she liked it- It’s actually pretty hard to put into words the feeling surfing gives me. I love being in the ocean even just swimming around and surfing just takes that feeling to another level. Not to mention all the amazing colors we see out there, people we meet, marine life we encounter

who were her idols? I don’t know if I’d say “idols” but there are definitely a few guys who have made a positive impact on my surfing. Mike benavidez, Chris Wilson (Barrelman), steve tollman, John, bobby, Brent, always out there motivating me, sharing waves, and helping me take surfing to the next level. Seeing the waves they catch and the insane barrels they’re getting on a 1 foot day or a 10 foot day really pushes me to be a better surfer.

Did she focus on surfing from the get go or mix in the more traditional sports? I tried almost every other sport from karate to gymnastics, track, volleyball. They were all fun I love playing sports and being competitive. Surfing was different: once I started I couldn’t stop. Since i caught my first real wave about 7 years ago I think the longest I’ve ever been out of the water is 5 days, and that was only due to a county wide sewage spill with highly contaminated water.

When did she start competing: first contest ever was the Adam frand scare and tear in manhattan beach. It was a co-Ed contest and we were all required to wear Halloween costumes as we surfed. I was a mermaid which if you can imagine was really hard to surf in, but I was 14 and having fun anyway!

what are her goals for her future: winning a world title would be amazing!

can she make a living surfing or is it just a tool to see the world: definitely has been an amazing tool to see the world but along with that I can make a career out of it

Whats the key to take surfing to the next level? Right now I’m working on getting a coach. I need to be more consistent when competing and with a little bit of coaching I can improve on that.

Where’s your local spot? My go to spot in the south bay is manhattan pier but I love checking out other places.

Favorite travel spots? Nicaragua was pretty cool and I love going to Kauai. Surfing all the spots on north shore every winter is always amazing, but I have a lot more traveling to do

Best memory.?
On a trip to Nicaragua with Emily, Filippa, Jessica and holly. We all went horseback riding one day after surfing perfect waves all morning. We were assigned horses by the instructor. As we were slowly riding to the beach Jessica gets bucked off her horse! Since she didn’t get hurt we all thought that was hilarious. We then rode along the beach and on the way back my horse and Emily’s horse decide to start racing. We were holding on for dear life laughing, screaming, crying all at the same time. It wasn’t the safest thing but it was so much fun!

Longest barrel: recently at manhattan I caught a left and grabbed my rail and pulled in. It actually held up for a whole and I was so happy when I came flying out!

best session? I honestly don’t know which I could name the “best session”. I’ve had so many amazing ones. The most recent time I can remember was me and my friend John at manhattan. The waves looked horrible and no one was out, and it was raining. We went out and caught wave after wave. Perfect wedgy sections and little barrels. We had it to ourselves for over an hour, then we thought we saw a shark and got out.

Where does she see herself in 5 years: still surfing!

Other hobbies? Swimming, playing the drums, hiking, dancing, exploring

Music: I like many different types of music. Lately I can’t stop listening to Third Eye Blind. I love VV browns song “shark in the water”. I also like Jimi Hendrix, foo fighters, mumford & sons. Sometimes I’ll listen to the girly pop songs like by Taylor swift & Colbie Caillat. Then I like worship music and country, I could go on and on, I love music!

books: the bible

sponsors: body glove, level 10 fitness, aftermath surfboards, electric eyewear, ET surf, don Benito

shaper: Ian wright- amazing boards!

How does she deal with crowds? Usually take the more mellow approach when I’m at a spot I don’t usually go to. Sit on the inside for a while then work my way up. At home I’ll sit where I’m supposed to be, show respect for the people that have been there longer than me, but when that summertime crowd comes I may have to accidentally fling my board towards someone to clear the area.

Interview by Scott Valor

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