Great surfboard shapers from the Southern California area.

Southern California Surfboard Shaper Dan Cobley of Danc Designs

The corn on the cob logo is a familiar sight in the south bay. It is synonymous to the meaning of a great surfboard – a board that was made with extreme care and effort. Dan Cobley is the shaper of these magic boards and anyone who has ridden one of his boards can attest […]

Southern California Surfboard Shaper Pat Ryan of E.T. Surf

In February I had the opportunity to interview Pat while watching him gulp down a burrito. Pat put his life into precise chronological order. By the time it was over not only did I have a great respect for him but was also exhausted from taking lengthy notes (he was making sure I got it […]

Legendary Hawaiian Surfboard Shaper Ben Aipa of Aipa Designs

We realize that Ben is not a "South Bay Shaper" but his influence on modern surfing has affected all of us. His major contributions to shaping are such things as the ever so popular swallow tail, the "stinger" and the modern longboard. Considering his contribution we felt it necessary to do it.   Ben Aipa […]

Southern California Surfboard Shaper Scott Anderson of Anderson boards

What was the first board you ever shaped… Scott: The first board I shaped was a 5’3" twin fin with no rocker, v- bottom, big wide squash tail… and, ugh, it didn’t work at all. (laughs) It’s hot. It’s California, The South Bay, Marina Del Rey, we’re sitting in an outdoor work area in the […]

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