Troncones Trip October

Here is some footage from our trip down to Troncones last week.

A winter day in the South Bay

This is some of the best winter stuff the South Bay has seen in a while.

Waves take car at Zuma

This lifeguard truck gets swept out to sea!

Porto Pits

El Porto doing it’s thing during the winter, resulting in guys getting slotted left and right.

Gnarly Wedge Grinders

Here’s some pounding Wedge Action!

El Porto Donkeys 2

These misfits show an unorthodox side of surfing

Wipeout contender McNamara

Garrett McNamara takes a beating

Hairy Todos Santos Ledges

A little rocky shot from the boat but some absolute bombs were coming through!

More Hammerland On Big Friday

Nicely shot and edited BIG BARRELS from El Segundo, CA

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