Dayton Silva

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age 20
years surfing 15

first board Surf Concepts Don Kadowaki 5’10’

how he started: I always used to jump on my dads board when we were down at
the beach even before I could swim and never wanted any help.

why he liked it: It was something I could do where no one was telling me
what to do or how to do it. It was completely between me an the ocean. I
played a lot of team sports when I was younger so surfing was always
refreshing not having a team but just yourself.

who were his idols?: I looked up to my dad of course, I also really like rob
machado for his super smooth style and tried to mirror him.

Did he focus on surfing from the get go or mix in the more traditional
sports? :
Definitely mixed surfing in with other sports, I was too hyper to
focus on just one thing. I played basketball soccer and volleyball all until
high school but then I realized I wanted to just focus in on my surfing. I
still love to play all these sports though.

When did he start competing, what are his goals for the future: I first
started competing when I was 11 or 12 but it never really went well. My
surfing wast catered to the contest format. Things didn’t really start
clicking until the last couple of years and it’s exciting to think that I am
still getting better and progressing. My goals are to enter in some pro
contests this year and see how I size up with the rest.

can he make a living surfing or is it just a tool to see the world: I don’t
think of surfing as a job opportunity or a way to exploit myself to get
things that I want. It is a part of me. Whether someone is going to pay me
or not, I will be surfing my whole life. So if I am lucky enough to make a
living doing what I love, so be it, but until then I will be doing it for
the love.

Whats the key to take surfing to the next level?: Getting in the water as
much as possible no matter what the waves are like.

Where’s your local spot? Rosecrans, manhattan beach

Favorite travel spots? Salina Cruz, Mex

Best memory.? Winning nationals this year for college.

Longest barrel: I can’t even remember its been flat for so long, probably
somewhere in mainland mex

best session?: Our last day in Salina Cruz we decide to go adventure. We
found this beach break where the wind was perfect but it was straight shore
pound. We drove further as found a little sandbar and traded off barrels for
hours by ourselves.

Where does he see himself in 5 years: graduated school and competing

Other hobbies? I love to play the drums.

Music: punk, new indie stuff and anything live

books: Im too busy to read but wish I did

sponsors: body glove, electric, globe, Roberts surfboards

shaper: Robert Weiner

How does he deal with crowds? You should always talk to people when it’s
crowded, befriend everyone and you will get waves.

Interview by: Scott Valor

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