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Baja California Mexico

Baja Surf Adventures Northern Baja resort is located beachfront just outside of Quatro and Camalu. This region is known to pick up swells from just about any direction. Featuring all the amenities you’ll ever need to relax in total comfort, this resort makes sure you’re enjoying your Baja vacation your whole stay.

Our guides, the resort owner Baja Bill and his son Dylan, have the place completely dialed and provide a very comfortable and fun shuttle both ways from San Diego to the resort. I spoke with Bill and he told me that they have been back and forth between the states and his resort shuttling clients over 1700 times!


We were stoked to find that directly in front of our resort was a super fun, head high+ right hand point break that could be ridden up to 200 yards with 4 guys out max the whole weekend. Every time Baja Bill thought one of the ten first class breaks down the road were pumping, he was dead on. Not only did we score a right that was as good as Rincon, if not better, we surfed a left that was the equivalence of Lower Trestles on a good day, but barreling.

5e97e1033cc243d0cbd82b115c21ed01Breakfast & lunch were always ridiculously good, but after a long day of surfing and Baja Bill on the grill.. Dinner was always epic! This was overall one of the best surf trips of all time.

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Between the drug cartels and swine flu scares, I was soon to find out that everything was way overhyped! Driving all through the country was a breeze and all of the police we encountered were friendly and professional. Be sure to check out the site @, and spread the word. Super cheap, and a great time all around!