Volcom trashes El Porto

In a nut shell…Volcom had a contest at El Porto and this is the way it looked the following day. I was livid and decided to pipe up about it. Here is the email I sent to the Manhattan Beach City Government, the County, Surfrider and Heal the Bay. I’m not sure who is responsible […]

Jellyfish Facts for So Cal Surfers

By Scott Valor “Jellyfish.” Stings from this mis-named ocean species can hurt or kill, though not all jellyfish are poisonous. Jellyfish are more aptly named sea jellies because they are not fish, but actually invertebrates. They are related to corals and sea anemones and have no head, brain, heart, eyes, ears, or bones. They feed […]

STORM DRAINS-Flow to the Surf Zone

Daily Chores Can Pollute Our Oceans Washing cars. Watering lawns. Fertilizing gardens. Sweeping sidewalks. Every day, someone in the Santa Monica Bay area does one of these common chores around the house. Most of the water used to do some of these tasks runs down the driveway and into the gutter ends up in the […]

RED TIDE-Is it Safe to go Into the Water?

Red Tides are the result of “blooms” of microscopic plankton. Favorable conditions for the formation of a red tide include nutrient rich waters, ample sunlight, and reduced vertical mixing of the ocean water itself. Most red tides are harmless to humans that swim or surf in them, but eating shellfish and other filter feeders from […]

Kelp Restoration

It’s Not Just “Seaweed” Kelp, the golden-brown sea plants we see floating in the ocean and that wash up on our beaches, are an important part of the Santa Monica Bay ecosystem. Kelp beds serve many functions – they provide habitat for a wide variety of sea creatures and they even help reduce the chop […]

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