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Del Mar Beach Surf Cam and Report

Del Mar is a charming seaside community located in San Diego, California. With its balmy breezes and near tropical temperatures, the city serves as an ideal destination for tourists and vacationers who are drawn by the thousands every year. As in most seaside communities all over California, a large part of the attraction of Del Mar is its amazing surfing, which rivals the top surfing destinations in the world. Enjoying the full benefits of Del Mar requires knowing just what one could expect on any given day. This is why the Del Mar live surf cam is so useful. Part of Swellmagnet’s extensive network of surf and weather monitoring equipment, the Del Mar live surf cam constantly monitors the coast, sending data in real-time to Swellmagnet’s state-of-the-art command center. It is here that the Swellmagnet team collates all available data, extrapolates the information, and presents it in a convenient and easy to understand form on With highly accurate and constantly updated data, Swellmagnet serves as information central for anyone and everyone who wants to know what type of surf and weather conditions to expect at Del Mar on any given day. Swellmagnet’s technical team is staffed by scientists, analysts, and tech-specialists, many of whom have extensive experience as surfers. These professionals work to gather data and present detailed information on surf and weather conditions to the public, so that they may be better able to determine the feasibility of a surfing trip to Del Mar. With the information provided on, surfers from out of town–and even local surfing aficionados–will be able to make a more informed decision as to whether or not heading down to the beach is a good idea on any given day. With its accurate and up-to-the-minute information, helps make it easier to enjoy the wonderful surfing opportunities that Del Mar has to offer.