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El Porto Strand Surf Cam and Report

El Porto is a seaside community located in the South Bay area of the Greater Los Angeles metropolitan footprint. The beach itself is protected as part of the State of California State Parks system, and is located between Manhattan Beach and Dockweiler. The beach and community get their name from a mix of Portuguese and Spanish, being loosely translated as “The Port”. The beach provides a range of amenities for visitors, including a bike trail adjoining the beach with roller skate and bicycle rentals conveniently located. Metered parking, volleyball courts, and restrooms add to the experience.

El Porto has long been a popular surfing destination for Southern California locals and travelers alike. Variable conditions are a hallmark of this beach break, with waves breaking to the left or right as winds and currents affect swells. One of the unique features of the El Porto break is that just offshore, a deepwater canyon and inshore sandbars both combine to help to push swells higher than in neighboring breaks. Therefore El Porto tends to be consistent, even when other beaches along California’s coast are reporting flat conditions. It is not uncommon to find overhead waves here, which helps cement the break as one of the surfing community’s favorite spots.

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Located in the South Bay area of Greater Los Angeles, El Porto is part of Manhattan Beach. It can be found between Dockweiler and Manhattan Beach, and is protected as part of California’s state parks system. Its boundary to the north is 45th Street, bordering El Segundo, and runs south to 38th Street. It gets its name from the Spanish and Portuguese languages and is loosely translated as “The Port”. Beside surfing, the beach itself offers several other amenities, including metered parking, volleyball courts, and roller skate/bicycle rentals for use along the adjacent bike trail.

The break is popular with the surfing community throughout Southern California. El Porto is known for its variable waves that break left or right, depending on currents and wind conditions. An underwater canyon offshore and sandbars in the break itself help produce waves that tend to be larger than other beaches in the area. Those waves are consistently higher, even when other beaches report flat conditions. Double-overhead waves are not uncommon here. Surfers all over the South Bay area rely on the waves here to hone their skills and to enjoy California’s beach culture at its finest.

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