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Shellback Manhattan Pier Surf Cam and Report

Manhattan Beach is located in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. The beach and its accompanying pier can be found north of Hermosa Beach and south of El Segundo. Manhattan Beach is one of the three cities that make up the South Bay region. Long considered a desirable place to call home, real estate has skyrocketed, lending the community an upscale feel. The city was built on ancient sand dunes, elevating it and affording residents and visitors amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, especially in the western part of the city. This beach has the distinction of being voted one of America’s Sexiest Beaches in 2008.

Manhattan Beach is popular for a range of outdoor activities, including beach volleyball and surfing. The beach plays host to the annual International Surf Festival, bringing participants to the area from all over the world. A concrete path for bicyclists and skaters runs along the beach and goes all the way to Santa Monica in the north and Palos Verdes to the south. Restrooms, shower facilities, and lifeguards are provided for visitors to the beach.

The greater Manhattan Beach area is home to several popular surf breaks, including El Porto and the Pier. At the Pier, surfers can expect an exposed break that pumps consistently throughout the year. The best conditions for favorable surf are swells from the southwest and winds from the east. Summer is the time of the year that this break produces the best waves, unlike areas to the north and south, which are more consistent in fall and winter. Waves can break to the left or right at the Manhattan Beach Pier break, giving surfers plenty of action with which to practice their skills.

Swell Magnet is the leading resource for live, high definition surf cams and reports. Our free Shellback Manhattan Pier surf cam streams live to the Internet, and is positioned on the top of the Shellback Tavern, known throughout the world for its beverages and surfer-friendly vibe. The camera overlooks the Pier, and lets surfers check current conditions in real time without having to make an expensive car trip. Our team of passionate surfers also produce live surf reports for Manhattan Beach and breaks throughout California. We include wave height, water temperature, and many other details to give surfers the best surf cams and reports available.