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If you are looking to maximize your enjoyment of the waves at Venice Beach or are simply concerned about your safety, the Venice Beach surf report should be required reading. Provided by Swellmagnet.com, the Venice Beach surf report covers everything you may need to know about surf and weather conditions at the beach on any given day. If you are planning a weekend surfing trip or you simply want to avoid unpleasant weather, checking out Swellmagnet.com is an essential first step.

Venice Beach is known the world over both for its amazing surfing and the warm and easygoing vibe of the community. A certified surfing Mecca that draws thousands of people from all over the world every year, the city offers so much more than your typical surf hotspot. It is hardly any wonder then that Venice Beach is such a popular destination for surfers of all levels and tourists as well.

But surfing remains one of the most appealing facets of Venice Beach culture, and it is why the services of Swellmagnet.com are so essential. The site maintains a state-of-the-art network of surf monitoring and data analysis equipment highlighted by the live Venice Beach surf cam. This essential piece of equipment is central to the quality of the information provided on the site. The company’s cam system monitors the surf and weather conditions of the area around-the-clock, with all data recorded and collated for thorough analysis.

This is where the Swellmagnet.com technical team comes in. Comprised of expert surf analysts–each one of them lifelong surfers with years of practical experience–this team analyzes all the data gathered by the live Venice Beach surf cam and the other monitoring equipment, and extrapolates them into useful form in the Venice Beach surf report. This comprehensive report outlines all possible surf and weather conditions and scenarios that you could expect to encounter, ensuring a totally safe and enjoyable surfing experience at Venice Beach.