Surfer’s Health by Dr. Jude

Sewage spills, wayward surf boards, aggressive locals, another cold and, oh was that a shark? The question to ask, “is surfing safe?” A prospective study in the January, 2007 issue of the American Journal of Sport Medicine conducted at surf contests noted that 13 injuries occurred per 1000 hours surfed and an injury was 2 1⁄2 times more likely to occur in overhead waves or at breaks with rock bottoms. Lacerations, contusions, sprains/strains, and fractures are the most common types of acute injuries. What about the other long-term issues like skin cancer, surfer’s ear, even heart ache when the wife leaves you for skipping out on breakfast one too many times. Is surfing safe? Negotiating this question with humor is the point of this sometimes regular review of surfing woes.

Surfer’s Ear

Since the April Tax Day looms, how about reciting the things in life you can always count on? Well, taxes? Your Mum? Getting burned surfing Los Angeles on a Sunday? What else can you count on? Traffic on the 405, at least two parking tickets a year; Britney Spears weighing 2 bills in 2 years? […]

Surfer’s Sinusitus

Fast Times at Ridgemont High was required viewing for the 80’s surfer. Sean Penn’s depiction of Jeff Spicoli set the high (or low) watermark for countless dawn patrollers of the decade. Both surfing and Sean Penn progressed but the 1982 movie offers an example of a current surf disease. Remember Spicoli’s high nasal voice, “No […]

Surfer’s Lacerations

How often do you surf? Everyday? Once a month? Let’s say you surf for two hours a session, once a week. After 50 weeks….that’s 100 hours a year. After ten years, you surfed approximately 1000 hours? According to the January, 2007 issue of the American Journal of Sports Medicine you can look forward to about […]

Surfer’s Sinusitis “The NETI POT”

I receive quite a few email about treating surfers sinusitis with the Neti Pot and how exactly to sinus flush. Hopefully the Net pot in action picture is not viewed during dinner. I can see the scenario now, the Midwestern starlet comes to Hollywood hoping to make it big and her first break is nasal […]

Surfer’s Chiropractic

Every surfer wants to surf as much as humanly possible. However, sometimes injures can curtail your water time or hinder your performance. Surfers can take a pounding during a session that can cause immediate problems, or cause problems that will manifest themselves in the future. A possible non-drug solution to help you is Chiropractic care. […]

Surfers Eye Problems

Surfers suffer high rates of cataracts, pterygim and other eye health issues and it is no surprise. Surfers spend as much time under the sun as they can and their surroundings are especially harsh. Surfers are always under direct sunlight without any hope for shade. They have to deal with reflection off the water which […]

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