shark Here’s video of the guy who caught the GW and his crew that thought it was so funny to continue to fight the fish as the swimmers came through! FU#$in clowns!
Photo:  Here's video of the guy who caught the GW and his crew that thought it was so funny to continue to fight the fish as the swimmers came through! FU#$in clowns!
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    Brian Reed Toal Toolbags! Can someone chuck that moron off the end of the pier?
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    Ashton Politanoff Time to ban fishing off the pier.
  • 484741 10152446516680084 174970310 n Time to ban knuckleheads from the planet!!!!
    Commented on by Michael Durand · July 5 at 10:19pm · Like · 15
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    Jeffrey Showalter Anyone want to go introduce yourself to him next weekwnd?
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    Zachary James Stahlberg wow what a bunch of idiots! smh
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    Primo Ga What a bunch of idiots. Maybe someone should file charges on those foolz. Public endangerment, is that a thing?
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    Jules Wallace F those guys
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    Alex Mortensen Prosecute. If found guilty ( and I sure as hell hope they are), throw the the book at this asshole and then file a civil suit and bankrupt his sorry ass.
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    Debbie Robbins Meyer I don’t blame the shark at all..stupid humans!!!!
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    Doug Kinney Those idiots should definitely be arrested!! Is it legal to fish for sharks off the pier? It shouldn’t be!!
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    Glen Walsh Fucking assholes! Hope they are fully charged to the fullest extent!
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    Gane’t Richelle Hopper-Kastigar Disgusting. He should be jailed.
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    Roxy Holt Doug, unfortunately its legal to fish, but not to fish for sharks. This makes me so mad… The shark was just a baby. And that poor guy, I bet he’s traumatized. They need to be prosecuted, I hope someone got a name..
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    Lev Shaibi Brutal!
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    Julie Lyons Post But that’s a great white isn’t it. They are protected. Plus there are people always swimming and body surfing and surfing off that pier. And WTH is that idiot going to do with a six foot shark??? Kill it and take a picture with it? I hate people like this.
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    Alyssa Gonzalez What a fucking idiot. Go home tourists!
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    Erika Bradberry Thanks again for keeping us posted in the real goings on… speachless.
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    Jimmy Candelas Armenta Hopefully , Dept.of Fish and Game will use this evidence to prosecute these clowns.
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    JJ Cocina They are always on the pier.
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    Michelle Mcguirk Laughing, WOW! Actually those guys could be prosecuted, and the guys face is on film…you’re right, Fish and Game, get on it!
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    Becky Fulin Natali Seriously WTF is wrong with people. Poor shark
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    Jarrod Chey Wall Fucking idiots!
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    Christopher Dewar I have been hooked by that dude while sponging on north side an i am not even a fish
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    Christopher Dewar Life guards didnt seem to care to much then but maybe now they will dew something
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    Wendy Mathis They are complete ass clowns…hope they get fined and banned from fishing here.
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    Jason Hagemann Yeah what a fuckin idiot i am huh? Any one got anything to say feel free to message me and we can definatly hook up and talk about it.if u guys dont kno the truth id suggest shuting the fuck up.first of all it wasnt my pole or my fish we faught what was believed to be a big ray for 20 minutes till it surfaced near shore 5 ft from a surfer who we started yelling at to clear the water immediatly.cutting the line at that moment wouldve endangered everyone near the shore.even with the line cut the hooks still in the sharks mouth he dont kno the differance.we had the biologist on on the pier with us at he time.our intentions for keeping him on the line was to give the surfers ample time to clear the water before releasing a pissed off shark.we turned the sharks head and headed him back out to sea where we were ginna cut the line as he headed out unfortunatly the long distance swimmers were headed straight for him nothing we could do to stop it and we really just thought hed swim by and scare them.if u watch and listin to the video the mood changed as soon as we realized he was bit.for the record myself and the guys i fish with stopped fishing there months ago because of the constant hook ups with the white for chuming ppl need to get there facts straight we cast out a hook with bait on it thats fishing.for what we fish for chumming the water with blood and fish guts doesnt work and its unnecasary.we do not chum the waters.yesterday we had 6 frozen sardines baught from a tackle shop between 3 of us and no biting macs or sardines in the water what so what the fuck did we chum with?
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    Jason Hagemann Everyones got sumthing fuckin smart to say but dont kno me or how i am and like i said if youre feeling sure enuff go ahead and message me.ive commented on other posts and ive said if any surfers swimmers or passer bys believe sumone is intentionally chumming the waters the proper authorites need to b contacted asap along with picture or video of it happening if possible.that is most definatly not a practice we participate in or condone.and yes i myself have contacted dfg several times for violations on the before u go gettin crazy and start a mob to find me get your facts straight and i sure as fuck aint scared to meet anybody who thinks its neccesary to get there ass kicked over a tragic accident.our thoughts and prayers go out to the victum and we wish he has a full recovery.and for the record i was on the bch as the victum was being treated and most definatly concerned for his well being
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    Jason Hagemann The sharks are theyre everyone knows it.u got idiots out there on paddle boards chasing them with go pros for sum youtube hits.eventually on will get bit.but no ones mentioning that and my freinds are bad guys for unintetionally hooking one.shits pissing me off and i really hope sumones got the balls to message me cuz i got a lot of frustration to get out.
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    Jason Hagemann Whats sad is we respect the swimmers out there.always have and we definatly wouldnt bring the sharks there on purpose but theyre already there.everyone knows it but were bad its our fault.the ocean is there house dont ever forget that
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    Jason Hagemann Heres a better pic of me for anyone who cant see me clear enuff in the other pics.start your mob go not scared of anyone and im most definatly not affraid to stick up for me or what i i said it was a traggic accident but for those that feel differant pls contact me
    Jason Hagemann's photo.
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    Jason Hagemann Ppl turned into crickets all of a sudden
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    Justin Jones The Swimmer and surfes are Harassing The Wildlife Off the Entire CA Coast from Oceanside To Crescent City CA..Filming of Marine Life In Theyre Waters should Be Done Marine Biologist, Not Some Shmuck Whos never seen The Pacific..Leave THAT SHIT IN HAWAII!!
  • 10390499 738327196232024 5500689112307224214 n
    Justin Jones They all went To Church…
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    Jason Hagemann I most deffinatly dont wish it upon anyone to get bit by a shark but maybe now all the ppl chasing that thing on paddle boards will stop.or maybe everyone thinks that shits cool and ok.what if a paddle boarder got bit doin that shit? What then? Would it b the sharks fault? Im fuckin dying to kno the answer to this
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    Jason Hagemann I just messaged this christopher dewer guy who said ive hooked him before lets see if he responds.
  • 10460177 10203734433915386 5013426620224643863 n
    Mary Hagemann Holy shit, Jay! You’re right, all your moods changed the second you realized the guy was bitten. You did nothing wrong.
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    Jason Hagemann Lets see if this guy has anything else to say!!!
    Jason Hagemann's photo.
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    Jason Hagemann I kno Mary Hagemann.but everyone is misconstruing the truth and adding all kinds of bullshit to the story.ppl wernt even there act like they kno everything.i spent yesterday deeply saddned and upset bout what happened and now today im getting fuckin pissed.thats why im putting myself out there like this.if ppl wanna kno the truth im not hiding i have nothin to hide and im sure as fuck not scared to meet sumone who thinks theyre crazy enuff to get fucked up over an accident
  • 10460177 10203734433915386 5013426620224643863 n
    Mary Hagemann It’s just solidifies for me that ppl always putting their knee jerk reactions on FB that have nothing to do with the facts. My guess is that the swimmer has no ill will towards any of you. He’s probably thankful you at least had some control on this shark. Loose he’d a been all over the place.
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    Jason Hagemann If he was loose who knows how much worse it wouldve been.maybe the shark wouldnt have let go.who knows.and as for everyone over 50 ppl on that pier heard on the video joking and laughing it all changed instantly the second we knew he was bit.we most deffinatly did not want that to happen i cant speak for everyone else but for me i was joking thinking bout the reaction theyd have to seeing a shark swim no means what so ever did any of us expect that
  • 10460177 10203734433915386 5013426620224643863 n
    Mary Hagemann I think that’s very evident on that video
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann And it sure as fuck wasnt funny afterwards.when he was bit i wasnt even the one holding the pole and when i realized it i was immediatly on the shore to make sure he was ok.but ppl dont fuckin kno that ones mentioned that.and no ones mentioned that while i was on shore next to the victum that i approached the cops and informed them that it was our group on the pier who had the shark.from the start ive had nothing to hide so fuck everyone who thinks they kno the truth.u dont kno shit! Everyone sits back on their phns and comments all kinds of bullshit but now that im here telling it the way it was where are they?
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    Christopher Dewar You throw your lines into the water where surfers and swimmers are with disregard for there safety … You have hooked or tangled several people while I have been in the water … Yet you still continue to do it … Maybe now things will change and they will ban all your asses from fishing of the sides period … Keep your lines outta the surf line tough guy … I dont agree with the outlash against you … I was simply confirming that you have fucked up there in the past … Two wrongs dont make a right … But if I were that swimmer I would sue the shit out of you in a civil court of law and make sure you could never even afford a fishing pole let alone the hook you left in my friends board … Good luck with your future struggles because of this incident
  • 575190 10151006208608628 1977622941 n
    Vince Ray Considering that more than 200 million people visit U.S. beaches each year, the number of shark attacks is relatively small. Of those millions of beach goers each year, about 36 are attacked by sharks. There are plenty of great white sharks in the Southern California surf, but they pose no danger to beachgoers, according to Randy Hamilton, a shark expert with California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    “I just go back to the last 50 years on how many great white sharks have actually caused a death in Southern California,” Hamilton said in a CNN interview in December. “I only know of one incident where someone got a nip on the foot According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), between 1580 and 2013 there were 2,667 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks around the world, of which 495 were fatal.
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    Mario Reyes Christopher Dewar your an idiot maybe you shouldn’t be surfing so close to the peir. That’s what gets you Snagged on a line. Your acting like we throw our lines directly at you and if we did there would have been other problems I’m sure of it. I’m an angler that frequents that peir we all share it period. You do not own the water or the peir nor do you stake claim just because your a local. You yourself run the risk of getting stung or bitten by all sorts of things while out there. And when it does happen a I sure as hell hope it does for your sorry ass who are you going to blame? The ocean? The fish? The fishermen? Oh maybe Aqua man! Yes blame Aqua man. You dumb cunt
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Chris if first of all i dont fish of the side by the waves my lines are always in the very front of the pier out towards the ocean.when swimmers go by they entangle themselves in our line.our lines are already in the water fishing from all piers in california is legal and its not gonna change.
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar And you never messaged me bro … Quit puffin up like a blow fish … I am simply stating this isnt the first time you fucked up at the pier bro … But now you got the world looking at you !!!!!
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar Like i said i wish no harm to you these people that are threatening you are idiots and as you have said dont know the whole story nor do i as I was not present … But your get out of the water screams came a tad to late as you can clearly see the pack of swimmers coming towards the situation and your group is still laughing … Mistakes were made but good luck bro
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    Jason Hagemann Aint the first time??? When the fuck did this happen??? Pls inform me im dyin to kno.u sure as fuck dont me or i sure as fuck dont remember your ass.and i sure as fuck did message u i even posted a pic up there of what i sent u.u the one tryin to puff this shit up like u kno me and seen me time u see me u bluffing mother fuckin peace of shit make yourself known instead of hiding behind fb lying like a fuckin dog to make yourself credible in the case.
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    Jason Hagemann Here cock sucker heres the message agian!
    Jason Hagemann's photo.
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    Christopher Dewar Still havent recieved a thing from ya .. You can screen shot your mobile fb all you want … But if you are gonna sit here and get chippy towards me you aren’t making yourself look any better …
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar And I never said I knew you i simply said i recognize you …
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Chris as soon as the shark surfaced in front of the surfer by the shore believe me everyone on that pier was yelling for everyone to get out the water.but whoever nade that video either didbt capture that or edited it out to pump up the situation.i mean no harm to u or anyone else in this matter either the only reason i singled u out is becuz u said ive hooked u personally.youve got me crossed with sumone else buddy and opening your mouth bout it sure as fuck aint cool
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann U said ive hooked u before.full of shit ive never hooked anyone definatly not u
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann By the way if u think im bullshitting bout warning ppl why dont u ask eric martin who was on the pier with us the whole he tells u the same thing im telling u.and if u dont kno erik martin then i kno u aint nobody
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar Well thats debatable but inconsequential … But this exchange is done … You have enough on your plate already to worry about mine or anyone else’s opinion that wasn’t there bro … 
  • 10390541 10204117859933459 5202084000922317320 n
    Justin Soenksen Another reason to hate the fishers on the pier, basically chumming the water where people are swimming an surfing. Go get a boat to fish losers
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar And Mario Reyes i will blame no one but my self if i ever get bit or stung it is i who choose to go out into nature and ride waves in these animals domain but personally i dont fear getting bit as it rarely ever happens … But I will continue to surf there and I will continue to be an advocate for those of us who have been snagged or tangled in fishing lines off the pier
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Justin define chumming for me! I wanna see if u kno what youre talkin bout
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Fuck it ill b there tomorrow u chickin shit nother fucker!!! Puttin bait on a hook is not chumming u dumb fucks its fishing.we cant cobtrol what takes our bait but if youve got an idea let me kno.u sure are a bad ass behind fb.if i hooked any of u before u shouldve said sumthing then u fuckin pussys!!! U aint shit to tell me to my face
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Whered yhat idiot go??, deleted his comment too thats what i thought chickin shit mother fucker!!!
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Chris i deffinatly dont like the way this is goin everyone gets bits and pieces then ppl loke u and houdini that just dissapeared make shit worse by throwing out accusations like these with no knowledge of shit.its ppl like u fucks that are making this worse than what it is.just a fuckin tragic accident
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar I never said you were chumming Jason … Thats the media … But your anger here is misdirected … I am questioning a prior incident maybe it was you maybe it wasn’t … You anger should be directed towards the people who are lashing out at you… we have had a discussion about the incident i am not judging you based on this video or what the media says … That is unfair … but there are people who will …save your rage for them
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    Christopher Dewar But I will say this any line that comes off the side of that pier into the surf line is fair game for me now while I am surfing there !!! Snip snip!
    July 6 at 3:10pm · Edited · Like · 3
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    Christopher Dewar Fair enough?

  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Dude its not even rage.sum ppl dont understand certain aspects of fishing im trying to let ppl kno how and why things are no way did i or anyone else want this to happen.we look after that pier just like u guys look after your water.when were there we try and keep the place up even after other careless anglers. Im tellin u now ive never hooked any surfer swimmer or any one else ever in my life.if swimmers are goin by as they always do i patiently wait till everyones out of the way before and my group dont have and never had any problems with anyone in the water.and quite often when the long distance swimmers stop in front of the pier as they ussually do we even have conversations with them bout theyre swim and all.were not bad guys we dont cause problems were cery respectful.and like i said i only singled u out cuz u were so sure ive hooked u before.and bow you have no idea.thats whats bothering me is ppl thinking they kno me or had altercations with us weve never had any altercations with anyone
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar But i do expect a heads up if you know you have hooked anything bigger than a perch or a croaker or reasonable sized ray
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar Well maybe like you I got defensive because we have and continue to get hooked by anglers there some with blatant disregard even after being wrapped around my neck while riding down the line on the wave … I am glad i took the time to discuss the situation and really get to know what happened with you but some can misconstrue your anger for being defensive and having something to hide … I feel for ya bro as I would not want to be in your shoes … The media only wants a good story so i dismiss anything they have to say but that video is gonna hit mainstream and blowin up about it then is gonna help at all
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Yeah i kno.and just so u kno the anglers at the base of the pier around the shore weve had encounters with them using snag lines to hook me weve called dfg numorous times on those guys.the problem is its legal.real anglers like us have been tryin for yrs to make it illegal to snag in the surf area around piers.its definatly dangerous and its definatly not us.the fucked part that edited video is it doesnt show us franticly yelling at the surfers by the shore to get out the water theres a shark when it very first serviced.i just hope sum ppl that were on the pier that day step up and tell it like it was.
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar I still believe that cutting the line in the beggining would have been the best option here though… As keeping it struggling only served to further anger the shark all while the pack of swimmers are coming closer … And the warnings to others to get out of the water dont happen till after the bite and the screaming for help begins ….just my two cents
    July 6 at 3:39pm · Edited · Like · 3
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    Jason Hagemann And like i said i was on the shore as they were treating the swimmer i was down there with everybody and deeply concerned.i informed the cops we had it on the line and they spoke with everyone on the pier as wrong doing was me chris i have nothing to hide and thats why ive put myself out like this.
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Thats where everyones wrong as soon as we knew it was a shark 10 minutes before it bit the guy we were all shouting.the shark surfaced in the surf area near shore 5 ft from a swimmer to give them time to clear the water is why we kept in on the line as it headed away from shore after the water was cleared is wgen it bit the swimmer.thats what ppl dont realize.we were instructed to keep it on the line till it was safe to cut.just like eric martin said on tv it was the wrong place at the wrong time.a tragic accident.if i wouldve cut the line while he was in the surf area before the beaches were cleared the shark still has a hook in its mouth and still very pissed.we felt at that time surfers and bch goers wer in danger that close to shore
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar I commend you for putting yourself out there .. That is a huge step in clearing the air in this matter … I respect that… But when that video hits the local news this thread is gonna be guppies compared to grey whales bro …
  • 484741 10152446516680084 174970310 n Hey Jason, I don’t mind if you use this as forum to defend yourself, but stop trash talking my followers or I’ll just delete you from the page. If you want to threaten people do at the pier, I don’t need the negative vibe.

    I in no way advocate violence, but you’re setting yourself up for a confrontation Dude and I would hate to see the situation escalate. Just chill and let the chips fall where they may. 

    The fact is that guy wasn’t bitten. A shark, on the hook, was opening and closing it’s mouth as you fought it. By chance the swimmer hit the line and the shark was propelled into him. It basically grazed him because it was hooked and panicked. If it bit him it would have taken a chunk out of him and he would have bled out. The bottom line is if you’re a seasoned fisherman you knew you had a GWS on and you saw a pack of swimmers heading right into it and you didn’t cut the line. A free swimming shark wouldn’t have done shit to anyone. 

    The other thing was everyone was laughing in the background of the video, so apparently someone in your company thought it was amusing that a hooked, toothy, predator was heading right at the crew of swimmers. I’m not saying you were, but whoever posted that vid did you no favors. 

    I fish too and would have been excited to hook a beast like that, but just admit you made an error in judgement and move on. It was a freak accident and I don’t think anyone is saying you did it with malice. I’d just apologize to that guy and get on with life. My 2 cents …
    Commented on by Michael Durand · July 6 at 3:49pm · Edited · Like · 44
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    Jason Hagemann Swellmagnet i do appologize for getting offensive on your page.wasnt my first intentions.started out as trying to inform ppl of what really happened and it escelated.ive sent out appologies thru media to the swimmer and im hoping he got no means did we intend for any of this.i just want ppl to kno the truth especially bout the chumming the waters thats one thing that does upset me cuz we are not that stupid.i admit keeping him on the line longer than we shouldve was wrong as well.but when its actually happening during the moment u feel as tho maybe u can prevent it from happening by trying to pull it away from ppl before cutting the was a tragic mistake that i have to live with for the rest of my life
  • 484741 10152446516680084 174970310 n Cool. I don’t think your bad person Jason. Even the best intentioned people fuck up every now and then. Hang tough Bro. You’ll be fine!
    Commented on by Michael Durand · July 6 at 4:11pm · Like · 4
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar I am glad i was able to get to talk to you about it Jason … My main intention here was to get to the bottom of it so I could stop friends from spreading misinformation through Facebook … I am friends with many of the locals and area surfers so i needed to get the truth so that these crazy rumors and posts could stop !!!! I am not a fan of stories being twisted and misconstrued thank you for your time
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Thx chris and im sorry to u as well if i offended u or made u feel threatened.its just all this miss information thats goin around about me its bothers me.its hard for me to deal with the fact sumone was injured while i was doin sumthing i love.its disturbing as hell to me and i cant even imagine what the swimmer is goin thru.then to be bashed and portrayed as a bad person and doin this on purpose bothers me as well.i wasnt even the one fighting the shark when the guy was bit i handed the rod off to my buddy as the shark headed out so i could grab a knife.but all thats beside the point i was involved and it bothers me deeply
  • 580774 10152030678971000 1091050951 n
    DonnaAnn Ward Jason Hagemann BS. The Great White is protected under California’s Endangered Species Act. You had it hooked and you and your white trash buddies thought it was hysterical to cause it such massive duress. You loved watching a live animal suffer. That is the mindset of a sociopath. 

    Using bad grammar and childish abbreviations on Facbook to try to make yourself look better is adding insult to injury, literally. 

    Go to YouTube, or better yet, have your lawyer go to YouTube and watch the footage of you and your garbage friends. You are looking at city, state and federal prosecution, as you should. Hooking a Great White is bad enough, to do it in a bay full of people is beyond stupid, which judging from your writing and explanatory skills describes you to a T. Bear in mind every. single. thing. you write will be used to prosecute you. So, please, ignore common sense and keep talking. Keeeeep talking.
  • 21442 10151655347536156 1576448447 n
    Ronald Scott The whole laughing while he was being attacked is not cool
  • 10403102 10152967883829689 1596078985203658626 n
    Ramzi DeNegus Atleast its federal prison he will be going too
  • 10403102 10152967883829689 1596078985203658626 n
    Ramzi DeNegus My mistake its a state offense
  • 576024 10100678053272823 1115400869 n
    Brett Folsom I also feel for ya man. I fish and surf. Everyone wants to blame the angler and ban fishing in this situation. It was a freaking accident. I do agree the laughing while it was near the swimmers was stupid. It looks like the tone changed as soon as you realized the magnitude of the situation.
    How about every time we see white shark footage there is a boat and a large chunk of bait to bring them in closer? Do we think these sharks won’t associate boats/humans with a free meal? Just my $0.02
  • 923473 10151870805886923 449589462 n
    Kevin Whilden I think more than anything, the attitude of complete disregard for the well-being of the shark is sad to see. Why are people even trying to catch them? Treat the ocean and its denizens with respect.
  • 10447861 10202819958874686 8291841599739492665 n
    Serena Reid Jason, regardless of your stupidity on the pier, what’s up with you and your friend Justin making threats? That’s rich, you f@&$ up and we better watch our backs? By the way, you can clean your FB page all you want and it will always be retrievable. So the more you remove, the guiltier you look.) It’s no accident he got a GW . Look at his comment from his FB page.
    Serena Reid's photo.
  • 180780 1683675025653 3600741 n
    Alison Coffey Chavez DonnaAnn, I totally agree with you. Hagemann, do everyone in Manhattan Beach a favor, and stay the hell away. I think you meant to catch a shark. Your protestations of innocence ring hollow. Especially since your behavior on the video shows exactly the type of ass you are. It doesn’t matter if you stopped laughing after seeing blood. You shouldn’t have been laughing in the first place, and that obvious fact seems to have escaped you and your ignorant friends.
  • 21442 10151655347536156 1576448447 n
    Ronald Scott Jason, I guarantee If I was that guy I’d take you for every stinking penny I could. All your comments on here are being read by a lot of people and you aren’t helping your case at all dude. You can threaten people all you want, you can claim the video was edited all you want (yeah right), but at the end of the day dude you and your friends will be liable for this man’s medical bills and should be. You can come up with every story in the book, but based on what Ive read…you are up s**t creek without a paddle and you are just sinking yourself even more on here
  • 10334426 10152444439704801 2916367988991019138 n
    Alex Mortensen I grew up here, I surf here, I dive here (and work with big sharks at the aquarium) and yes I even fish from the pier from time to time. You are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations and making sure your activities do not break them nor put anyone else in danger. This is why there are blackballs for surfers and no-swim zones and the like. As to fishing, White Sharks have been protected for 20 years and you have the responsibility to CUT THE LINE at once and not try and “lead” the shark away. The video is damning and makes it obvious you did not care at all until you realized that you may be culpable for your actions. As Mike put it, let the chips fall where they may, but in the future if you and your “fisherman” buddies want to go for big stuff get a damn boat or better yet, support one of the local businesses like Redondo Sportfishing, Marina Del Rey, LA Harbor, etc. Those professionals will teach you the etiquette and conduct you sorely lack.
  • 10478241 988354517807 5345287123649565456 n
    Renee Imhoff Hope they arrest this idiot. What an asshole.
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann Wow u guys see a 2 minute youtube video and assume we didnt care.its ok your iggnorant comments are ammusing me now.ask erik martin what happened he was there the whole time hes a credible witness.enjoy your youtube videos
  • 10414602 10152089859271822 941294051009094908 n
    Dhana Agapi People were laughing, what was so funny? You can hear directive to bring the shark up….right into the middle of the swimmers. Why?
  • 1888674 10152231950757871 938663091 n
    Jon Faini So, who instructed you to keep it on the line? Did you guys tell the lifeguards or anybody else who could help make the situation safer that you had it hooked?
  • 10334426 10152444439704801 2916367988991019138 n
    Alex Mortensen I know Eric and I’ll see him this week. We’ll see how long your story holds up
  • 10394617 702682533153042 940804901009812195 n
    TheGoodMuse Serena – Please send that screen grab of his Facebook page to the Manhattan Beach City Council, who are calling emergency sessions this week to discuss the attack, and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife. They will be the one’s considering charges, and of course Mr. Robles can and should pursue damages.
  • 10447861 10202819958874686 8291841599739492665 n
    Serena Reid Will do. I’m so glad to hear this.
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar Whats up with that screen shot man … You just ruined your credibility
  • 11568 10203431385931665 1724220129 n
    Kristeen T Hernandez Interview with Steven Robles victim…
    Play Video
    shark attack, california shark attack, Caught on Camera, Manhattan Beach, Manhat See More
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen There’s a saying “It’s hard work to make people like you, but easy to piss people off!!!” Jason you guys are now famous for being the biggest bunch of assholes in the USA! Sucks to be you! Maybe you and your friends should go on National TV with an apology and explain how you guys F–ked up or people are just going to keep ripping you guys apart because people love drama and they will not forget! This is going to follow you for a long time and people don’t give a shit what your excuse is!
  • 1148798 628813793802955 1945403938 n
    Nigel Gilbert Damn that screen shot got ya, huh, Jason? Man, have fun in court! Your behavior in that video is disgusting and stupid and I think you deserve it buddy.
  • 387270 154538444645155 989819744 n
    John Hagemann Alright you Manhattan Beach ASSHOLES .you can’t control wh,at’s on a fishing line I’m still LAUGHING MY ASS OFF and if any of you SISSY ASS BITCHES have a problem with that write back and I’ll tell you where I live and it ain’t far from you and then come on down and I’ll laugh in your face after I get done kicking your ass.. My sons and I have been going to that Beach for 40 years and there ain’t one of you that’s going to stop us from going there WHENEVER THE FUCK WANT. So get a grip it was an accident. Pull your head out of your ass for minute if you can and laugh 
    Love Jason’s Dad
    P.S. see you at the beach
    Ha Ha Ha fuckin Ha
  • 10339624 10203016988640919 4232208614225986045 n
    Ryan O’Hara “What happened was the guy swam and he was at the wrong place at the right time,” Martin said. “It was not the shark’s fault. It was actually caused by the fisherman who didn’t want to cut the line. — Eric Martin to a reporter. He also said the fisherman kept the shark on the line for 45 minutes.…/man-bitten-shark…/
    safe image.php?d=AQAyfV48jih e8K &w=154&h=154&url=http%3A%2F%2Fegh0t2b8t2s3nmhmh1owg24pcj.wpengine.netdna content%2Fuploads%2F2014%2F07%2FMB Pier shark
    feature, Manhattan Beach – Witnesses, lifeguards say the seven-foot great white was trying to free itself from a fishing line
  • 10334426 10152444439704801 2916367988991019138 n
    Alex Mortensen Nothing about this is “funny”. Only sociopaths can laugh at the suffering of others. Instead of coming on here and threatening people with profanities and trying to incite violence (which is never OK or welcome in any civilized and decent society), you should be channeling your energy into helping your son come up with the money to find a good lawyer which he’ll likely be needing.
  • 10448827 10204138912578824 2706050018441138699 n
    Peregrine Brumage Father of Jason: how did you raise such a heartless child? The nut does not fall far from the tree. I heard one guy seem to step back from being a tool, but The bottom line is they all thought it funny that the victim was terrified, before they knew he was hurt. That is what damns these classless individuals. and I am sure there was no intent to cause injury, but seriously, you hook a shark, cut the line. Don’t take joy in someone’s terror. The “asshole” syndrome is aptly named.
  • 484741 10152446516680084 174970310 n Oh damn! Why would you throw gasoline on a smoldering fire? All of a sudden things are starting to add up! You just basically threw your kid under the bus and then backed over him for good measure!
    Commented on by Michael Durand · July 7 at 8:21am · Like · 22
  • 1010590 10200695189155605 38418620 n
    Brett White Epic comment thread! 
  • 21442 10151655347536156 1576448447 n
    Ronald Scott Wow if I were this Jason guy. I would not be commenting on here. When and I do say when the lawsuit comes, this will all be used against you. I would keep a low profile, but judging by your father’s comments you aren’t getting any kind of good advice right now. A lawyer would tell you to stfu, but keep typing and we will keep sending these comments to the proper authorities
  • 10264963 673154039410204 6582620397700304658 n
    Bart Barton Another redneck family talks their way into serious charges: Jason, John and Mary Hagemann, you’ve made my entire week!
  • 294529 10150374870890586 1881149699 n
    Mike Kussman The dipshit apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Everyone just send screenshots of all these posts to the local news. Let them run with it.
  • 387270 154538444645155 989819744 n
    John Hagemann Hey pull your head out of your rightist ass and think about it. How can it be anyone’s fault but the swimmers.Tell me who goes in the ocean to swim knowing GW have been hanging around I’m not saying he deserved it but my son the fisherman didn’t make him go for a swim the swimmer made that call himself and the odds caught up to him.
    Maybe he will think twice about going in the ocean again but my son won’t think twice about fishing again
  • 484741 10152446516680084 174970310 n John you’ve left me speechless… I can’t argue with pretzel logic. Have a great day
    Commented on by Michael Durand · July 7 at 10:07am · Like · 39
  • 10389974 10100488571575740 7685700666513258105 n
    Josh Toberman ^ you aren’t real life
  • 10534732 10152110849392062 4416199434717315366 n
    Kent Huth O’Doyle rules!
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen Now we all know where his kid gets it! Birds of the same feather folk together! Can’t argue with dumb, people like this just need to be institutionalized!
  • 10500294 10202000660887818 496365040177318703 n
    Brian Reed Toal Is that guy serious?
  • 10488317 838657376145215 5652104622533341074 n
    Justin Ryan McComas Dude where are u from man!? Here’s a tip, silence is sometimes the best option, especially when ur son is the reason a man has been bitten by a GWS. JS
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen Everyone needs to start writing letters to the DA and push the court to prosecute these guys that caused this!
  • 10269617 10152526981652573 2037206167309363691 n
    Dean Hawn John Hagemann I have one question for you. WHENEVER THE FUCK WANT?
  • 387270 154538444645155 989819744 n
    John Hagemann Prosecute for what 
    Fishing you ASSHOLES are dumber than the rocks you came from under
  • 387270 154538444645155 989819744 n
    John Hagemann Dean Hawn bring it on you little BITCH and pack a lunch cause its going to be a long day
    Did I mention your a little BITCH
  • 10264963 673154039410204 6582620397700304658 n
    Bart Barton If Steve had died, they’d be looking for negligent homicide against your son. As it is, they didn’t charge him, yet. The wounds were ‘moderate’. I’m not sure what charges could be John, but don’t be sure there won’t be any forthcoming, either. Your son has no regard for the laws, animal life or human life and you have no regard for common civility. What are we to make of you and your son, then, besides that?
  • 1514565 10151800797746384 147547513 n
    David Wermuth I would never laugh at or derive any joy from watching someone being attacked by a shark… but to point the finger of blame at the fisherman like he’s responsible for the attack is NUTS. The only thing he is guilty of is laughing VERY inappropriately at a life-and-death situation. and i completely understand the fisherman’s father coming to his defense. all of you would do the exact same thing if that was your son
  • 1888674 10152231950757871 938663091 n
    Jon Faini David, he is to blame if he didn’t cut the line when he was supposed to. He has claimed here that he was instructed not to cut it. I asked him who instructed him not to, but he has not yet replied yet.

    He is also to blame if he was attempting to catch great whites. He has claimed that’s not the case, but his own words that somebody posted earlier seem to damn him, where he said they fish strictly for sharks. He has also deleted that exchange from his page, apparently. Maybe there’s an explanation, but it definitely doesn’t look good.

    Finally there’s the question of whether he did what would seem to be common sense, and notify lifeguards that he had a great white on his line — also awaiting that info. That may not go to blame, exactly, but it does go to whether he was acting responsibly.

    (btw, certainly many people would come to the defense of their son. But, no, everybody would not do the “exact same thing” as his father here. His father isn’t helping the situation or even defending his son. He’s threatening people, insulting them, etc.)
  • 1514565 10151800797746384 147547513 n
    David Wermuth and maybe someone can explain this to me but I can’t understand why the same people who are up in arms about this fisherman laughing and deriving joy over the swimmers misery and suffering are the same people who are deriving joy over the thought of the fisherman and his family being screwed in court
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen This is from a friend that is involved in the industry to preserve the oceans and she said, “I would suggest..Is Federal Fish and Wildlife have a facebook page..I would suggest starting a discussion about this on their page..there is also a State Fish and Wildlife page.. share the evidence with them..Believe me..they take this crap serious. Rather than anyone else getting in trouble for anything..I would just sick the proper authorities on these guys.. Make those agencies in charge do their jobs.”
  • 1514565 10151800797746384 147547513 n
    David Wermuth John Faini… I respect your point… and if indeed he was fishing specifically for great whites, then that is a serious offense. but it seems to me that fishing for any other shark or large large fish off that pier is perfectly legal, and could definitely result in the accidental hooking of a great white shark. obviously he should’ve cut the line immediately once he knew it was a great white, and yes he should have told the lifeguards so they could alert the surfers and the swimmers in the area. I get all that and I completely agree. but the bottom line here is that a shark is a shark… and the shark bit the swimmer. surely the situation could’ve been handled better and “Possibly” avoided, but unless the fishermen can communicate with sharks, he is not responsible for that shark’s instinctual urge to bite the swimmer. sure it was pissed off because it had a hook in its mouth and was fighting for its life just minutes before… but is that grounds to press charges against someone in the court of law? I just don’t know
  • 10336697 10154182177475290 8934207049775035805 n
    Andrew Bennett I hear banjos
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen David, Because what they did is wrong and they refuse to acknowledge. They will most likely do it again and next time it might be someone’s child that gets attacked!
  • 1514565 10151800797746384 147547513 n
    David Wermuth DF… I’m not questioning these people’s morality. I’m questioning whether the fisherman is responsible for the shark biting that swimmer. the issues may be blurred, but I find it hard to make that link.
    July 7 at 1:01pm · Edited · Like · 3
  • 1017548 10100496280985934 257681681 n
    Chris Adcock Can you prosecute for poor grammar?
  • 1660580 10203488122988018 1999193180 n
    Steve Heib wow this is crazy, great, thought provoking, amusing, sad, all those things. One thing I can’t understand is why everyone calls them fishing POLES. They’re fishing RODS. You use your pole to FUCK and your ROD to fish. Carry on.
  • 10334426 10152444439704801 2916367988991019138 n
    Alex Mortensen David Wermuth – I doubt any rational person here derives any joy from any of this. I believe the thought of a negative shark encounter is on many people’s minds when they’re out in the water and having a situation like this where the fisherman’s actions directly contributed to the incident makes people empathize with the terror and pain that the swimmer felt and will continue to feel for a long time. Yes, an incidental hook will happen but the line should have been immediately cut instead of trying to “lead” the fish away from scene and intentionally scare the swimmers.
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen David, Up north with in 10 years we’ve had 4 Great White attacks 3 have been fatal. The 4th one happened the same day as the Manhattan provoked attack. All 4 up north were unprovoked. Great Whites are world travelers and that Juvenal will grow up, than most likely end up up north learning that a human can be on the menu. These fisherman taking this lightly is disturbing and makes me angry!
  • 10390921 829795627048470 8181435472081682430 n
    Surf Sista “Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.”
  • 10428507 790115314356690 7570681267865299770 n
    Kenny Bo Jackson Wilson this is unbelievable!!! i surf there with others and we all know we take our own lives every time we enter the water, but this is completely different… a few months back a fishermen caught a GW and it jumped outta the water 15 feet right in front of us… fishermen saw that and cut the line immediately! (north side)…. no injuries but if something did happen, not his fault…. you guys asked for this! i live in lawndale too, i dont condone violence but ill take great pleasure whoopin ur ass…. come to the parking lot at hawthorne and redondo beach blvd….
  • 10154484 10203524426808782 6235703403142470026 n
    Erin Achstein Speechless . . .
  • 10534732 10152110849392062 4416199434717315366 n
    Kent Huth The family that tweeks together stays together?
  • 10492175 10152533439850070 6560047969691874732 n
    Chris Beggs ^ Right?? I feel like I just watched an episode of Maury.
  • 484741 10152446516680084 174970310 n I think Jerry Springer would be the best choice to moderate this thread… Is Maury still around?
    Commented on by Michael Durand · July 7 at 6:22pm · Like · 10
  • 10394617 702682533153042 940804901009812195 n
    TheGoodMuse FYI Jason Hagemann and John Hagemann just got fishing banned from the Manhattan Beach pier for 60 days because of irresponsible behavior. So I guess they won’t be able to endanger more people anytime soon. Here’s the release from Manhattan Beach City Council: Manhattan Beach Temporarily Bans Fishing From Pier

    Manhattan Beach, CA (July 7, 2014) — Today, the City of Manhattan Beach placed a prohibition on fishing from the Manhattan Beach Pier for up to the next 60 days. The temporary order is designed to give City officials an opportunity to evaluate impacts to public safety from allowing fishing from the pier. 

    The California Coastal Act and the City’s municipal code provide the authority to the City to grant an emergency coastal development permit which temporarily prohibits fishing from the Manhattan Beach Pier for up to 60 days. The action will be reported to the Manhattan Beach City Council at its July 15 meeting. During the 60 day period, the City will consult with the State Coastal Commission, County of Los Angeles and other regulatory agencies to help evaluate impacts to public safety from allowing fishing from the pier, and determine if a change in regulations is necessary.

    The Police Department’s standard protocol is to educate and inform the public prior to enforcement. Under the Coastal Act and other applicable regulations, violators may be subjected to civil and criminal penalties.

    The review of the policy is prompted by the July 5th incident in which a swimmer was bitten by a shark in the waters just off the end of the Manhattan Beach Pier. The shark was reported to have been line-caught by a fisherman on the pier who was attempting to pull-in the shark when the swimmer came in contact with the shark. California Department of Fish and Wildlife is investigating the incident.
  • 10519499 10152677789004179 1831428543841942076 n
    Joel Saltzman Blaming the swimmer for the attack? Sorry, but we surf with these sharks and are on a first name basis with them. It sounds like it was “Chumley” that was hooked. Next time I see him, I’m guessing he will have a big hook, steel leader, and a bad attitude. These sharks swim daily in our waters and this was a provoked attack, period.
  • 419054 10150566923234819 557083657 n
    Steven Haun That is great news TheGoodMuse….I for one would love to see it banned forever!
  • 10153976 10203044206922591 1103097675145740936 n
    James John Hanrahan Finally saw this video, these clowns thought it was funny? Behavior like this will lead to a backlash against pier and surf fishing in swim areas. Well done A-Holes
  • 10314489 705763856157400 8526818824727602272 n
    Brad Pike Who needs lowlifes fishing off the pier anyways? it’s supposed to be for people to enjoy the view of the ocean not for a cheap meal and your disgusting bait and bloody catch all over the piers, I’ve never understand this behavior
  • 419054 10150566923234819 557083657 n
    Steven Haun I agree Brad. Probably not too many locals fish off the pier, maybe none. Why would you want to put in danger the thousands of swimmers, surfers, lifeguards, other oceans sports activities, vacationers, and kids life at risk? Ban for EVER!
  • 1962748 787648704579870 813943011 n
    Brent Casey Jason Hagemann: You repeatedly tried to take past events and change them to make yourself appear as if you had done nothing wrong. I take a dim view of this type of behavior. 
    If you, or any of your friends or family even look sideways at any of the people you’ve been threatening here regarding this matter – I will take it personally and you will have a problem with me.
  • 1003859 10200552528068212 881554540 n
    Ana Fradkin I think the video is disgusting and the fishermen should be in jail. But I don’t think that the criminal behavior of 1-2 individuals should impact fishing for everyone forever. Most people are responsible and should not be penalized. (But lots of signs and enforcement of laws prohibiting shark fishing are a must.) The fact that they are likely not locals shouldn’t matter. It is a public pier open to everyone, even those who cannot afford to live in Manhattan Beach. Also, the water is only heavily used by swimmers a few months per year. The rest of the time, it’s a relatively small number of surfers out there and the odds of having something like Thai happen are even smaller.
  • 10330382 10152413103164192 3305250065790101495 n
    Kyla Grafton Dear Dad of the Year (AKA John Hagemann), You are missing the point completely. Yes, your son did something illegal by not cutting the line. Whites are protected under California State Law. If you accidentally snag one you are supposed to cut the line. Dear sweet little Jason did not do this. So while he was committing a crime against a protected species, altering its behavior, the shark bit someone. Would the shark have done that anyway…doubtful? The point is….while snagging the shark and watching it swim into a group of unaware swimmers, your baby boy did not call for help or even then cut the line…..he laughed at the group of people who were being in very real danger. Shame on him. So while your kid did not force the shark to attack, he did everything he could to make the situation worse. What he did was criminal, negligent and absolutely immoral.
  • 21442 10151655347536156 1576448447 n
    Ronald Scott John and Jason wont be welcome on that pier anymore Im sure. Unfortunately they will probably become Redondo’s or Hermosa’s problem. Idiots like them have no common sense.
  • 10456052 10203838702506352 1551986918042303363 n
    Gene Durand wow, read the thread. My hat’s off to my dad. John comes across like ted nugent and ted cruz.
  • 1533960 10103331957906541 646228879 n
    Brendan Hunt Hey Hagemann family, don’t think twice! Please come fish the Manhattan Pier today, or anytime in the next 60 days, and make it easy on the authorities.
  • 1533960 10103331957906541 646228879 n
    Brendan Hunt And this loser changed his work info to US Airforce Top Secret (trained killer). What a clown.
  • 1533960 10103331957906541 646228879 n
    Brendan Hunt And he seems to be trying to hide pics of himself…thank “Mary” for this one in the comments of the picture of church from his page
    Brendan Hunt's photo.
  • 1238942 686447468083260 42018894 n
    SurfWith Tyler Can they be held liable for the attack?
  • 1888674 10152231950757871 938663091 n
    Jon Faini OT: I like the photo of the church on dad’s page, with his message about the true meaning of Christmas. He seems like he’s really taken a lot of what Christ taught to heart…
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar If the victim decides to sue … Yes they can be held liable
  • 21442 10151655347536156 1576448447 n
    Ronald Scott I think if he has any medical bills he should sue
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen Ok here is the latest BS from Jason and is Dad! Happy reading!…/fisherman-defends…
    Responding to widespread outrage over a video depicting a hooked shark thrashing See More
  • 10447861 10202819958874686 8291841599739492665 n
    Serena Reid Dave, I guess it’s time we connect the dots for them. Once Jason H. started making threads on this thread, It took me 5 minutes to find the post on his FB page where he admits to targeting GW sharks. It’s pretty easy to find info if one tries.
  • 228547 442991082413920 1166263451 n
    Christopher Dewar Dfg needs to pull their heads out of their asses !!! He WAS targeting GWs
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen Anyone that has copied info from the fisherman’s Facebook profiles needs to send it over to the agencie that will file charges. ASAP before it’s to late.
  • 10447861 10202819958874686 8291841599739492665 n
    Serena Reid I’m the one with the original
    July 8 at 3:24pm · Edited · Like · 3
  • 10523937 10152543558293633 9093821621463304945 n
    Dave Friesen This may sound weird but does anyone know how to do a citizens arrest and would it apply to this situation?
  • 10402522 861759303839996 7882475946625745094 n
    Jeff Tome ok idiots..You’ve got a great white shark on the line and it’s fighting for it’s life and jumping on top of a bunch of poor helpless swimmer.. CUT THE FRICKEN LINE AND LET THAT THING GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hindsight is a bitch huh? They get the dumbass award!
  • 10154484 10203524426808782 6235703403142470026 n
    Erin Achstein It’s never too late, Dave. That’s why Facebook has a subpoena department.
  • 1233495 4769502653987 1074487974 n
    Todd Lewis Pier fisher people are the absolute worst. No license required. Always leaving a mess and no understanding of the environment. Sharks should never be targeted. Steel leaders should be made illegal tackle. He should have cut the line as soon as he felt it was a fish he couldn’t handle, whatever the species. He should at the very least be fined by fish and wildlife.
  • 1233495 4769502653987 1074487974 n
    Todd Lewis My humble opinion
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann U guys are fuckin retarted.mary is my aunt and that pic is my uncle.idiots!!! Lmmfao
    18 hours ago · Like · 1
  • 1903007 773780066016410 1119498719348512968 n
    Jason Hagemann U poor miserable souls who have nothing to do with your lives are involving ppl from my family who have nothin to do with are scum of the earth i was completely seeing things from all sides of this ordeal but now youve created something bigger that what it is.bash me all u want.but to involve innocent family members u guys are real for my dad.would u not defend your son/daughter if ppl were bashing them? Lowlifes u are! Lower than me or my dad or anyone else in my family.for judging us over one incident in our lives.sickining and for your info my family was born and raised in lawndale and spent many summers enjoying manhattan bch.were not gonna stop goin there.u cant keep us out.ill walk right down that pier happy as a lark and not one of u will do anything about feed off of this.keep it goin shows how lame u really are
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  • 1620755 686925628017031 842429641 n
    Kmrracing Mike All of you people jumping on the man that was fishing know damn well nothing is going to happen to him . For Christ sakes and everyone is screaming close down all the piers to fishing good luck with all that then you will have a whole new beast on your hands .You live in California where most kids learn to fish be for riding a bike. And yes it was a tragic accident …………
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    Ethan Faust Can any of you people tell me how many people were on the pier when that video was shot? How many fisherman? How many bystanders? Can you tell me who was laughing? How many groups of separate fisherman? Who was recording it? All you look like jerks attacking this guy on here. I’ve fished my whole life and you have no control over what takes the baited hook. I’ve also watched the video way to many times and I still haven’t even seen the damn shark. An awful lot of experts popping up from watching a poor quality unclear shaky ass video if you ask me. What exactly are you people watching? Stop looking for somebody to blame. I see ZERO wrongdoing or evidence of wrongdoing here. If he cut it free right by a swimmer/surfer and it attacked him/her then I’d have a huge problem with it. Seemed like he tried to prevent it to me. But then again I don’t get on the internet to accuse or judge people about something I don’t know about. Keep fishin dude and thanks for trying to help the situation.
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    Nicole Marie The part of the video where him and his buddies say “bring him to the top” was mind blowing. They said it just as they noticed the swimmers in the same spot. I would fully prosecute. Perhaps the GWS are drawn to the idiots chumming off the pier. Please do us a favor and stay in Lawndale with Daddy.#canwesaybreakingbad?