Popular surf travel destinations for couples

Are you a fan of surfing? Perhaps you are also single and keen to connect with a fellow surfer – someone to share regular getaways to the coast? You should sign up for online dating. So many digital outlets are geared towards introducing kindred spirits. You’ll easily track down someone who also loves clambering onto a board to duel with the waves! If you’ve ever asked the question, ‘where’s the best place to hookup in my area?’ the answer is to join a site. Once you’ve connected, here are some of the most popular surfing destinations you must head out to.


Australia’s Gold Coast

Gold Coast Australia

Stretching for 70 kilometers along its Queensland coastline, Australia’s Gold Coast has long been regarded as a Mecca for surfers. When many people picture surfing, they’ll automatically conjure images of expansive shores and Pacific waves crashing over the Barrier Reef, hordes of intrepid surfers hoping to catch a ride. The optimum times of the year for a couple to take advantage of the superb conditions are between January and July, and you have an amazing choice of locations to head for. Locations to pop into your itinerary include Straddie, The Spit, Main Beach, Surfers Paradise, Currumbin (otherwise affectionately known as the Alley), Miami, Burleigh, Tugun and Palm Beach.


Oahu, Hawaii

oahu surfing

Another part of the world synonymous with surfers capturing awesome breakers is further out in the majestic Pacific Ocean – the 50th state of the USA. Recently named one of the top surfing spots on the planet, Oahu in Hawaii frequently boasts waves attaining a height of 6-meters or more. Also described as the birthplace of modern surfing, eager riders congregate in these turbulent waters each spring. A key place to look out for is North Shore, although novices can work up to the larger waves by negotiating the calmer waters of Waikiki.


Malibu, USA


California is just as readily associated with surf culture as anywhere Australasia or Oceania have to offer. Malibu is the first World Surfing Reserve and is renowned for featuring in various TV series and movies through the years. Check out Surfrider Beach, a location popular with both novices and seasoned surfers. The one note of caution is that these beaches, open all year round, can get rather busy. But this surfing paradise should be added to your because of its place in wave riding culture – when modern surfing spread beyond Polynesian Islands, Malibu was the next place where it began firing the imagination of a new generation of exponents.


Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Puerto Escondido surf

This lesser-appreciated surfing resort is famed for the variety of waves that can be captured rolling in from the Pacific Ocean to strike the eastern seaboard of the Americas. Typical waveforms include barrels, but if you feel you need to work up to performing stunt surfing, there are many more tranquil waters ideal for newcomers. If you’re a couple who also enjoys wonderful Mexican food and beautiful scenery, a surfing break in this vicinity will certainly be memorable. The most romantic way for any couple to make the most of the surfing opportunities here would be to hire a beach bungalow, and then use Puerto Escondido as your base while exploring the fine array of Pacific beaches around the coast.


Ericeira, Portugal


This Portuguese beach is home to popular surfing championships (the ASP World Tour), so it can offer exceptional opportunities. With no fewer than nine excellent beaches to choose from, there are many locations in this vicinity famous for their Atlantic rollers. Even better for a romantically-inclined couple, Lisbon is situated within an easy commute, meaning you could indulge in fabulous post-surf entertainment.