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I want my frickin’ money back!!! January 13th and I haven’t seen even one legitimately scary day of waves. The beach breaks have been temperamental at best, to say the least, with fickle sand bars and not enough beach erosion to form a jagged, peak forming bottom. The points and reefs haven’t been consistent enough to thwart the wave starved crowds, (when we actually see some long period swell), and I can’t afford to to buy an airline ticket to get the F’ out of Dodge right now. The impending week only throws gas on the fire, with absolutely perfect conditions and nothing but knee to waist high surf on tap. If nothing else I should be really good at golf by late February… pray for surf my friends, even Mother Nature can’t pitch a shut out in January.

Lastly, the water temps have dipped into the inhumane category so bust out all the neoprene you have before bobbing around, waiting for a waist high set to swing your way… I’m heading to the couch to hunt for any stray prozac tabs that fell through the cracks. I’ll be back tomorrow with my glass half full!

FOUND: A surfboard in the middle of the street today. I’m assuming the board flew out of the bed of a truck or off the car racks. The board was on Ardmore near 24th Street in Hermosa Beach. I found the board at 11:00am today (Sunday January 13). If the owner can describe the board then I’ll return it to them. They can contact me via email: [email protected]

For Tuesday morning things will remain on the small side with knee to waist high sets for the better West facing beaches. The tides look favorable for the morning session, but there’s just not much swell out there, (maybe bust out the LB or a thick Fish).

2013-01-15 Tue 05:24 AM 1.53 feet Low Tide
2013-01-15 Tue 06:59 AM Sunrise
2013-01-15 Tue 09:21 AM Moonrise
2013-01-15 Tue 11:17 AM 4.96 feet High Tide
2013-01-15 Tue 05:08 PM Sunset
2013-01-15 Tue 05:57 PM -0.02 feet Low Tide
2013-01-15 Tue 09:47 PM Moonset

The conditions look to be excellent in the AM with NE/NNE winds in the 6-12 MPH zone until around noon and 5-8 MPH breezes out of the West until dark. We’ll see an air temp of 60 degrees.

Wednesday swell will back down even further with a dreary knee high plus probability.

2013-01-16 Wed 12:33 AM 4.68 feet High Tide
2013-01-16 Wed 06:29 AM 1.69 feet Low Tide
2013-01-16 Wed 06:58 AM Sunrise
2013-01-16 Wed 09:55 AM Moonrise
2013-01-16 Wed 12:10 PM 4.14 feet High Tide
2013-01-16 Wed 05:09 PM Sunset
2013-01-16 Wed 06:37 PM 0.64 feet Low Tide
2013-01-16 Wed 10:46 PM Moonset

The conditions look great again with NE winds in the 6-12 MPH zone until 11:00 and West winds at 4-9 MPH in the afternoon. We’ll see a generous warm up with an air temp of 68 degrees.

On Thursday morning things will continue to be well below the Mendoza line for this time of year with continued, pathetic, knee high plus surf for most of the coast.

2013-01-17 Thu 01:24 AM 4.64 feet High Tide
2013-01-17 Thu 06:58 AM Sunrise
2013-01-17 Thu 07:49 AM 1.77 feet Low Tide
2013-01-17 Thu 10:28 AM Moonrise
2013-01-17 Thu 01:18 PM 3.37 feet High Tide
2013-01-17 Thu 05:10 PM Sunset
2013-01-17 Thu 07:20 PM 1.27 feet Low Tide
2013-01-17 Thu 11:44 PM Moonset

The conditions look fantastic with winds out of the NE/NNE in the 6-12 MPH zone all day long. We’ll see our highest air temp in quite some time with the thermometer peaking at 73 degrees on the sand.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 51 degrees, Huntington 52 degrees, the South Bay showed as 55 degrees, Santa Monica 54 degrees and Malibu 53 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!