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Saturday morning looks interesting as the SW swell holds and mixes in with the local, short interval, wind swell and some new, long interval ground swell out of the NW. The good news is that the combination of energy should put most all breaks in business for the morning. Top West and South facing beaches should see head high plus waves with some bigger sets at the top combo spots.

04/06 Sat 01:23 AM 1.14 L
04/06 Sat 07:20 AM 4.85 H
04/06 Sat 01:47 PM -0.18 L
04/06 Sat 08:09 PM 4.88 H

The conditions look mediocre with variable winds in the 3-7 MPH range until 11AM and those will climb into the 10-12 MPH zone, out of the West, for the afternoon. The air temp will hit the 66 degree mark.

For Sunday morning the SW energy will become smaller and less consistent, but the NW combo will continue to serve up chest to head high sets for the better West facing breaks. The SOuth facing beaches will still see some chest high sets through the AM. Looks like a pretty fun weekend for surf as long as the winds stick to the game plan!

04/07 Sun 02:11 AM 0.59 L
04/07 Sun 08:11 AM 4.87 H
04/07 Sun 02:23 PM -0.03 L
04/07 Sun 08:39 PM 5.2 H

The conditions should be okay with light and variable winds out of the East in the 3-5 MPH range until 11AM and back up to 11-16 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 66 degrees.

For Monday morning we’ll have a declining NW ground swell combing with more wind swell and the best West facing breaks should go shoulder to head high plus. The wind models look iffy at best so the conditions will likely be poor.

04/08 Mon 02:53 AM 0.15 L
04/08 Mon 08:57 AM 4.78 H
04/08 Mon 02:56 PM 0.2 L
04/08 Mon 09:09 PM 5.41 H

The conditions look highly questionable with double digit onshore winds out of the gate and those will whip up into the mid 20’s in the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 68 degrees.

Tuesday morning will see head high to overhead wind swell for the morning but based on the wind models it won’t be pretty. Things could change though so stay tuned!

04/09 Tue 03:32 AM -0.15 L
04/09 Tue 09:38 AM 4.6 H
04/09 Tue 03:26 PM 0.5 L
04/09 Tue 09:37 PM 5.53 H

The conditions will be iffy again, with var breezes out of the North at 6-11 MPH until 11AM and those will jump up into the 10-15 MPH zone out of the West winds for the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 68 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 58 degrees, Huntington 59 degrees, the South Bay showed as 61 degrees, Santa Monica 60 degrees and Malibu 57 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update.

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