OMG check out these SICK shots of the Wedge taking no prisoners! I can’t even imagine paddling a surfboard into these mutants!
Shots courtesy of Dave Waters Check out more pics




Mother Nature has been very kind to us this Spring/Summer so far… I’ve had more good waves in the last 2 months than I had all Winter. Granted, I was in Mainland Mex for 8 days, but I have to tip my cap to her. Way to get off the sofa and put in some legitimate work. Hopefully the remainder of June and July follow suit, regardless, anytime I can snag some surf stoke in the summer I’ll count my blessings. Stay stoked!

On Tuesday morning things things will take a turn for the worse. An onshore flow and weak NW energy will combine with sporadic pulses out of the SW. Sounds like a recipe for frustration to me… and it’s on my birthday. I think I’ll skip the surf in favor of some golf, but if you’re hungry you may be able to scratch up a few decent rides.

Tide is VERY LOW at 6!

2013-06-11 Tue 05:42 AM Sunrise
2013-06-11 Tue 06:01 AM -0.25 feet Low Tide
2013-06-11 Tue 08:24 AM Moonrise
2013-06-11 Tue 12:45 PM 3.62 feet High Tide
2013-06-11 Tue 05:11 PM 2.49 feet Low Tide
2013-06-11 Tue 08:05 PM Sunset
2013-06-11 Tue 10:18 PM Moonset
2013-06-11 Tue 11:15 PM 5.25 feet High Tide

The conditions look mediocre at best with onshore breezes in the 2-6 MPH range until 10AM and up to 15 MPH out of the West until sundown. The air temp will get up to 70 degrees.

For Wednesday morning things won’t change much with continued small, NW swell from a steep 300 degree angle and inconsistent pulses out of the SW. If you bag a decent chest high set consider yourself lucky. The onshore flow and gloom look to continue.

2013-06-12 Wed 05:42 AM Sunrise
2013-06-12 Wed 06:36 AM -0.05 feet Low Tide
2013-06-12 Wed 09:18 AM Moonrise
2013-06-12 Wed 01:27 PM 3.65 feet High Tide
2013-06-12 Wed 05:56 PM 2.61 feet Low Tide
2013-06-12 Wed 08:05 PM Sunset
2013-06-12 Wed 10:53 PM Moonset
2013-06-12 Wed 11:52 PM 4.90 feet High Tide

The conditions won’t change much with Westerly breezes going 2-4 MPH until 10 and increase up to 12 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp will get up to 67 degrees.

Thursday morning looks a little better for conditions but swellwise it looks like we’re in the same boat with “roll the dice” surf. There will be inconsistent SW energy and continued, steeply angled NW wind swell. I wouldn’t plan a day around surfing, but it could be worth a quick dip in the AM for spots that like a low tide.

2013-06-13 Thu 05:42 AM Sunrise
2013-06-13 Thu 07:12 AM 0.21 feet Low Tide
2013-06-13 Thu 10:12 AM Moonrise
2013-06-13 Thu 02:12 PM 3.73 feet High Tide
2013-06-13 Thu 06:53 PM 2.71 feet Low Tide
2013-06-13 Thu 08:06 PM Sunset
2013-06-13 Thu 11:27 PM Moonset

The conditions should improve with SE/SSE breezes going 1-3 MPH until 10 and increase up to 12 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp will get up to 69 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 67 degrees, Huntington 66 degrees, the South Bay showed as 66 degrees, Santa Monica 66 degrees and Malibu 64 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!