Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of Ruben Pina – Mainland Mexico dishing up some horrific wipeouts! – If you see a photo you like you can contact Ruben directly at rubenpina65@yahoo.com to buy a hi-res version for the wall!


lo res white sharkIf you haven’t seen the Video of the Great White Shark encounter, at El Porto, from 10-16-13
Check it out!

For Monday morning that NW swell should dip a bit through the day, but another small, potent, NW ground swell will start to fill in with some larger sets showing in the late morning/early afternoon. The better West facing breaks will go chest to shoulder high, but the high tides will definitely be a factor for the AM sessions again!

2013-12-30 Mon 12:26 AM 1.83 feet Low Tide
2013-12-30 Mon 04:55 AM Moonrise
2013-12-30 Mon 06:53 AM 6.64 feet High Tide
2013-12-30 Mon 06:59 AM Sunrise
2013-12-30 Mon 02:07 PM -1.22 feet Low Tide
2013-12-30 Mon 03:30 PM Moonset
2013-12-30 Mon 04:54 PM Sunset
2013-12-30 Mon 08:30 PM 3.96 feet High Tide

The conditions will remain fantastic with NE/NNE breezes in the 3-6 MPH until 11AM and 4-6 MPH West winds in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at a 71 degrees.

By Tuesday morning, (New Years Eve), that swell should be in full swing with long interval lines from a 295-300 degree angle. This one will be good for shoulder to head high sets, (possibly overhead), for the most exposed West facing beaches.

With another long period swell in the water, I’m not anticipating the shape to be any better for the beach breaks, so try and find a reasonable point or reef, (giant high tides remain in the picture).

2013-12-31 Tue 01:16 AM 1.70 feet Low Tide
2013-12-31 Tue 05:58 AM Moonrise
2013-12-31 Tue 06:59 AM Sunrise
2013-12-31 Tue 07:38 AM 6.96 feet High Tide
2013-12-31 Tue 02:49 PM -1.57 feet Low Tide
2013-12-31 Tue 04:34 PM Moonset
2013-12-31 Tue 04:55 PM Sunset
2013-12-31 Tue 09:11 PM 4.24 feet High Tide

The conditions will be favorable early with variable breezes, out of the East, in the 1-4 MPH zone until 11AM, and 4-7 MPH West winds in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees.

Wednesday morning, (the first day of 2014), the swell will continue to crank out healthy, 295-300 degree, long interval surf, in the shoulder to head high plus range for the better West facing beaches.

2014-01-01 Wed 02:07 AM 1.54 feet Low Tide
2014-01-01 Wed 03:15 AM New Moon
2014-01-01 Wed 06:57 AM Moonrise
2014-01-01 Wed 06:59 AM Sunrise
2014-01-01 Wed 08:24 AM 7.04 feet High Tide
2014-01-01 Wed 03:31 PM -1.69 feet Low Tide
2014-01-01 Wed 04:55 PM Sunset
2014-01-01 Wed 05:42 PM Moonset
2014-01-01 Wed 09:55 PM 4.42 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair +, with light and variable winds out of the East, at 2-5 MPH until 11AM and calm 4-6 MPH onshore breezes until sundown. The air temp will top out at 72 degrees.

By Thursday morning the swell will be on the fade, but continue to produce chest to shoulder high sets, (for top West facing beaches, from that same angle of 295-300 degrees.

2014-01-02 Thu 02:57 AM 1.47 feet Low Tide
2014-01-02 Thu 06:59 AM Sunrise
2014-01-02 Thu 07:50 AM Moonrise
2014-01-02 Thu 09:10 AM 6.91 feet High Tide
2014-01-02 Thu 04:14 PM -1.59 feet Low Tide
2014-01-02 Thu 04:56 PM Sunset
2014-01-02 Thu 06:53 PM Moonset
2014-01-02 Thu 10:40 PM 4.54 feet High Tide

The conditions look fabulous with 5-8 MPH winds out of the NE/NNE until noon and light, 4-7 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp will top out at 74 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 59 degrees, Huntington 60 degrees, the South Bay showed as 58 degrees, Santa Monica 58 degrees and Malibu 58 degrees.

I’ll be back on Monday with the next update!

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