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Friday morning should have plenty of size with shoulder to head high plus sets, but “Victory at Sea” type conditions will likely prevail. The energy will be a combination of leftover, 275 degree angled West swell, with 12 second intervals, and 6-8 second, short interval SW swell, from a 225 degree angle.

2014-02-28 Fri 02:00 AM 0.57 feet Low Tide
2014-02-28 Fri 05:41 AM Moonrise
2014-02-28 Fri 06:23 AM Sunrise
2014-02-28 Fri 08:10 AM 6.25 feet High Tide
2014-02-28 Fri 02:46 PM -1.14 feet Low Tide
2014-02-28 Fri 05:31 PM Moonset
2014-02-28 Fri 05:49 PM Sunset
2014-02-28 Fri 09:00 PM 5.15 feet High Tide

The conditions look to get sloppy early with brisk SE winds, in the 10-20 MPH zone at first light, and according to the wind models, those will turn Westerly, jump up into the mid 20’s around 8AM, and continue to howl through the day. There is a 100% chance of rain, (at 100% CAN YOU EVEN REALLY STILL CALL IT A CHANCE?) and the air temp tops out at 64 degrees.

Saturday morning should be PUMPING as a larger burst of West swell, (270 degrees with 14-16 second intervals), moves in and teams up with a significant amount of 8-10 second interval SW energy, (from 225 degrees). This will put the top spots into the Overhead to double overhead zone.

There are a couple things that are of noteworthy concern.

1. Will the sea surface have ample time to clean up overnight? Hopefully, because the winds are slated to blow out of the E/SE all day long on Saturday!

2. With what’s expected to be the first legitimate rainstorm in eons, how poisonous will the water be as every chemical, bacteria, fecal matter and trash roar into our beloved Pacific Ocean?

I know many people ignore the runoff warning, (myself included), sometimes, but it is recommended to stay out of the water for at least 72 hours after any significant rainfall.

If you do paddle be sure to wear ear plugs, (rinse ears with an alcohol solution post surf), and clear out your nose with a netti pot or neil med flush bottle. There will be nasty s%$t floating around out there so make sure it’s epic if you’re going to roll the dice.

2014-03-01 Sat 12:02 AM New Moon
2014-03-01 Sat 02:48 AM 0.23 feet Low Tide
2014-03-01 Sat 06:22 AM Sunrise
2014-03-01 Sat 06:22 AM Moonrise
2014-03-01 Sat 08:55 AM 6.04 feet High Tide
2014-03-01 Sat 03:22 PM -0.89 feet Low Tide
2014-03-01 Sat 05:50 PM Sunset
2014-03-01 Sat 06:39 PM Moonset
2014-03-01 Sat 09:36 PM 5.38 feet High Tide

The conditions look interesting with SSEE/SE breezes in the 4-10 MPH zone from dawn to dusk. There’s a 80% chance of rain and the air temp tops out at 61 degrees.

Sunday morning looks like another sizable day for waves with the top breaks pulling in overhead to nearly double overhead sets. It will once again be a combo of 270 degree West swell and 8-10 second SW wind swell from 220-225 degrees.

2014-03-02 Sun 03:34 AM 0.05 feet Low Tide
2014-03-02 Sun 06:21 AM Sunrise
2014-03-02 Sun 07:02 AM Moonrise
2014-03-02 Sun 09:41 AM 5.61 feet High Tide
2014-03-02 Sun 03:58 PM -0.46 feet Low Tide
2014-03-02 Sun 05:51 PM Sunset
2014-03-02 Sun 07:45 PM Moonset
2014-03-02 Sun 10:13 PM 5.46 feet High Tide

The conditions should be good, with E/SE winds in the 8-11 MPH range through most of the day. The air temp tops out at 63 degrees and there’s only a 40% chance of rain.

By Monday morning we’ll see a temporary dip in size but the best West facing breaks will be in the head high to overhead range for the morning and back off into the afternoon before a beefy ground swell rolls in on Tuesday.

2014-03-03 Mon 04:22 AM 0.05 feet Low Tide
2014-03-03 Mon 06:20 AM Sunrise
2014-03-03 Mon 07:41 AM Moonrise
2014-03-03 Mon 10:28 AM 5.01 feet High Tide
2014-03-03 Mon 04:34 PM 0.09 feet Low Tide
2014-03-03 Mon 05:52 PM Sunset
2014-03-03 Mon 08:50 PM Moonset
2014-03-03 Mon 10:51 PM 5.39 feet High Tide

The conditions should be okay with the models calling for variable winds in the 1-5 MPH range until 11AM and 7-11 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 63 degrees.

By Tuesday morning we’ll a strong, 17-19 second ground swell move in from a Westerly 275-280 degree angle. This is a deep water swell and will have some serious kick to it. The top West facing breaks will be well overhead when the swell fills in. There will plenty of surf early but look for larger sets to show up later in the AM and build through the day.

2014-03-04 Tue 05:13 AM 0.22 feet Low Tide
2014-03-04 Tue 06:18 AM Sunrise
2014-03-04 Tue 08:20 AM Moonrise
2014-03-04 Tue 11:17 AM 4.32 feet High Tide
2014-03-04 Tue 05:10 PM 0.71 feet Low Tide
2014-03-04 Tue 05:52 PM Sunset
2014-03-04 Tue 09:52 PM Moonset
2014-03-04 Tue 11:31 PM 5.19 feet High Tide

The conditions look a little iffy with variable winds in the 2-6 MPH range until noon and 7-11 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp heats up to 68 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 60 degrees, Huntington 62 degrees, the South Bay showed as 61 degrees, Santa Monica 61 degrees and Malibu 59 degrees.

I’ll be back on Saturday with the next update!