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On Tuesday morning that swell should peak with continued 12-14 second intervals from that same 265-275 degree angle. The best West facing breaks should be well OH to DOH, with the top deep water spots producing bigger Butterfly sets, (the kind that humble you).

High pressure starts to weave it’s way into the picture, so the conditions should be good. The West facing beach breaks look to be reminiscent of a torturous Navy Seal training exercise so take a good luck before paddling out.

The points, reefs and more sheltered South facing breaks will likely be the best bet. Happy hunting! Be careful out there.

2015-02-10 Tue 12:51 AM 4.21 feet High Tide
2015-02-10 Tue 06:43 AM Sunrise
2015-02-10 Tue 07:37 AM 1.79 feet Low Tide
2015-02-10 Tue 10:16 AM Moonset
2015-02-10 Tue 12:59 PM 2.91 feet High Tide
2015-02-10 Tue 05:33 PM Sunset
2015-02-10 Tue 06:32 PM 1.70 feet Low Tide
2015-02-10 Tue 11:50 PM Moonrise

The conditionsshould be pretty good early with variable winds out of the East in the 1-5 MPH zone until 11AM and 4-10 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. High pressure will start to work it’s way into the picture so we could see some stronger breezes below the passes and canyons. The air temp tops out at 73 degrees.

For Wednesday morningthat energy should ease a bit and become more user friendly but continue to deliver solid surf in the OH to well OH zone for the best West facing breaks.

The angle continues to have a sh#%load of West in it so all spots that worked on Tuesday should just be a smaller more manageable version of that. High pressure and tons of Surf… might be a good day to come down with that 24 hour bug that’s been going around… just don’t drown or the Boss will know!

2015-02-11 Wed 01:45 AM 4.25 feet High Tide
2015-02-11 Wed 06:42 AM Sunrise
2015-02-11 Wed 09:19 AM 1.59 feet Low Tide
2015-02-11 Wed 10:55 AM Moonset
2015-02-11 Wed 02:58 PM 2.56 feet High Tide
2015-02-11 Wed 05:34 PM Sunset
2015-02-11 Wed 07:23 PM 2.08 feet Low Tide
2015-02-11 Wed 07:52 PM Last Quarter

The conditionslook excellent as high pressure anchors up and Mother Nature blows some Santa Ana wind kisses our way. The wind models are calling for N/NNE breezes in the 5-12 MPH range for most spots with much stronger winds rifling through the passes and canyons. The air temp skyrockets to a balmy 82 degrees!

For Thursday morningthe swell will continue to dish up head high sets for most beaches and a bit OH at the most exposed West facing spots.

Looks like another swell will fill in on Friday. Next on the list will come in from a 290 degree angle with long 16-18 second intervals.

It should be an interesting week!

2015-02-12 Thu 12:46 AM Moonrise
2015-02-12 Thu 02:55 AM 4.40 feet High Tide
2015-02-12 Thu 06:41 AM Sunrise
2015-02-12 Thu 10:49 AM 1.10 feet Low Tide
2015-02-12 Thu 11:37 AM Moonset
2015-02-12 Thu 05:15 PM 2.66 feet High Tide
2015-02-12 Thu 05:34 PM Sunset
2015-02-12 Thu 08:57 PM 2.33 feet Low Tide

The conditionslook good as our high pressure remain intact and continues to blow out of the N/NE/NNE to the tune of 6-10 MPH at most spots with much stronger gusts funneling through the passes and canyons. This should go on all day with continued air temps in the low 80’s on the sand.

The current water temps Newport 62 degrees, Huntington 61 degrees, the South Bay showed as 62 degrees, Santa Monica 62 degrees and Malibu 60 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!