Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of Dave Waters – The South Bay – Jan 16th, 2015
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For Tuesday morning that Westerly energy will peak, with the top, deep water, West facing breaks going well Overhead on the sets. The saving grace for the beach breaks will be a ridiculous 6.73 foot high tide at at 8:30 AM which could foster some shape in the AM, but as the tide drops it will likely become walled. The Points and Reefs should be the ticket and with all of the Westerly direction in the swell and even the South facing breaks should be clicking to a certain degree.

The winds look to be swirling, but mild, so I’m anticipating fairly clean conditions throughout the day.

2015-01-20 Tue 02:15 AM 1.40 feet Low Tide
2015-01-20 Tue 05:14 AM New Moon
2015-01-20 Tue 06:47 AM Moonrise
2015-01-20 Tue 06:57 AM Sunrise
2015-01-20 Tue 08:30 AM 6.73 feet High Tide
2015-01-20 Tue 03:30 PM -1.51 feet Low Tide
2015-01-20 Tue 05:12 PM Sunset
2015-01-20 Tue 05:51 PM Moonset
2015-01-20 Tue 09:52 PM 4.47 feet High Tide

The conditionslook okay with light and variable confused winds in the 1-4 MPH zone until around 1 PM and 2-6 MPH out of the West in the late afternoon. The air temp dips a few degrees to 67.

For Wednesday morning that swell will taper off a bit but remain SOLID with head high to OH sets and a few stray haymakers keeping it real. Tides play a role in the severity of the thump, but if you can find the right window of opportunity you might bag a few winners!

2015-01-21 Wed 03:03 AM 1.25 feet Low Tide
2015-01-21 Wed 06:57 AM Sunrise
2015-01-21 Wed 07:36 AM Moonrise
2015-01-21 Wed 09:14 AM 6.62 feet High Tide
2015-01-21 Wed 04:10 PM -1.41 feet Low Tide
2015-01-21 Wed 05:13 PM Sunset
2015-01-21 Wed 07:00 PM Moonset
2015-01-21 Wed 10:32 PM 4.66 feet High Tide

The conditions look decent again with variable winds in the 1-4 MPH zone until noon and 6-8 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 66 degrees.

For Thursday morning the surf will dip down another notch or two in size but there will still be some fun, chest to shoulder high sets for the better West facing breaks. Make note of the tides again… pretty ripe around 10AM.

!!!*** Looks like we have a real humdinger of a swell filling in on Friday with some heavy doses of adrenalin on the horizon. Stay tuned, ready the netti pot and practice those breathing exercises.

2015-01-22 Thu 03:53 AM 1.17 feet Low Tide
2015-01-22 Thu 06:56 AM Sunrise
2015-01-22 Thu 08:21 AM Moonrise
2015-01-22 Thu 10:00 AM 6.25 feet High Tide
2015-01-22 Thu 04:51 PM -1.10 feet Low Tide
2015-01-22 Thu 05:14 PM Sunset
2015-01-22 Thu 08:10 PM Moonset
2015-01-22 Thu 11:16 PM 4.79 feet High Tide

The conditions should be fair for the AM again with variable winds out of the N/NNE, in the 3-6 PH zone until noon and 4-6 MPH breezes out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 71 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 61 degrees, Huntington 60 degrees, the South Bay showed as 62 degrees, Santa Monica 61 degrees and Malibu 60 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!