Today’s Slideshow is courtesy of Lucio Gomes – The South Bay – Mid January, 2015
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Not sure if it was just me or there was something off with that last batch of swell… my wetsuit is crispy dry after 2 days of waffling at El Porto. If I can’t make ’em in my mind, (and I do have have a vivid imagination), there’s no chance of me exiting the barrel in real life. I saw a few pretty skilled surfers paddle out, and they got completely stymied, which in a very selfish way, made me feel like a little less of a kook.

I hope you guys faired better than I did, but it looked like all the feeble points were packed, and even with all of the Westerly angle in this swell, the majority of spots weren’t getting any real juice. Oh well, hopefully this next round of energy is more cooperative!

For Tuesday morning yet another burst of Westerly angled, long interval, ground swell is due to reinvigorate the West facing breaks with head high to OH sets. This energy will roll in at a very Westerly 285-290 degrees with 14-15 second intervals.

2015-01-27 Tue 12:31 AM Moonset
2015-01-27 Tue 02:59 AM 5.05 feet High Tide
2015-01-27 Tue 06:54 AM Sunrise
2015-01-27 Tue 10:14 AM 0.93 feet Low Tide
2015-01-27 Tue 11:43 AM Moonrise
2015-01-27 Tue 04:15 PM 3.06 feet High Tide
2015-01-27 Tue 05:19 PM Sunset
2015-01-27 Tue 09:16 PM 1.74 feet Low Tide

The conditionslook pretty good again with NE/NNE winds in the 2-7 MPH zone until 2PM and 3-5 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 69 degrees.

For Wednesday morning that 285-290 degree swell will keep plugging away and the exposed West facing breaks will see shoulder to head high sets in the AM and a slow tapered fade into the afternoon.

2015-01-28 Wed 01:31 AM Moonset
2015-01-28 Wed 04:07 AM 5.19 feet High Tide
2015-01-28 Wed 06:53 AM Sunrise
2015-01-28 Wed 11:34 AM 0.43 feet Low Tide
2015-01-28 Wed 12:27 PM Moonrise
2015-01-28 Wed 05:20 PM Sunset
2015-01-28 Wed 05:54 PM 3.18 feet High Tide
2015-01-28 Wed 10:33 PM 1.99 feet Low Tide

The conditionslook good with NE/NNE winds in the 2-6 MPH zone until around around 2PM and 2-6 MPH breezes out of the West in the late afternoon. The air temp climbs back up to 71 degrees.

For Thursday morning that swell will wind down further with chest to maybe shoulder high sets at the better West facing beaches.

High tides start to wiggle their way back into the conversation with a 5.37 foot high a little after 5AM.

2015-01-29 Thu 02:29 AM Moonset
2015-01-29 Thu 05:08 AM 5.37 feet High Tide
2015-01-29 Thu 06:52 AM Sunrise
2015-01-29 Thu 12:32 PM -0.04 feet Low Tide
2015-01-29 Thu 01:14 PM Moonrise
2015-01-29 Thu 05:21 PM Sunset
2015-01-29 Thu 07:00 PM 3.44 feet High Tide
2015-01-29 Thu 11:40 PM 2.03 feet Low Tide

The conditionsshould be okay with variable winds out of the N/NE in the 5-7 MPH until 11AM and 2-7 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp dips a hair to 69 degrees.

Friday morning starts off slow as the last of this swell limps waist high plus sets into the best West facing breaks. There is some small, but potent ground swell due to show later in the day. This will be good for waist to maybe chest high sets from a 300 degree angle and 17 second intervals.

2015-01-30 Fri 03:24 AM Moonset
2015-01-30 Fri 06:01 AM 5.55 feet High Tide
2015-01-30 Fri 06:52 AM Sunrise
2015-01-30 Fri 01:18 PM -0.38 feet Low Tide
2015-01-30 Fri 02:02 PM Moonrise
2015-01-30 Fri 05:22 PM Sunset
2015-01-30 Fri 07:47 PM 3.68 feet High Tide

The conditionslook great again with variable winds on the 1-4 MPH zone until 11AM and 5-10 out of the West in the afternoon. There’s 20% chance of rain and the air temp dips to 68 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 61 degrees, Huntington 61 degrees, the South Bay showed as 61 degrees, Santa Monica 62 degrees and Malibu 60 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!