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For Monday morning that SW energy will decline another notch as the intervals lessen to 14-15 seconds, the wave size dips again and the wait for waves between sets lengthens. Basically par for the course with a fading South swell. The better South facing beaches should still see some chest to shoulder high sets, but bring a good book with you because you may have to wait.

2015-03-30 Mon 01:25 AM 1.78 feet Low Tide
2015-03-30 Mon 04:00 AM Moonset
2015-03-30 Mon 06:44 AM Sunrise
2015-03-30 Mon 07:14 AM 4.51 feet High Tide
2015-03-30 Mon 01:56 PM 0.18 feet Low Tide
2015-03-30 Mon 03:17 PM Moonrise
2015-03-30 Mon 07:13 PM Sunset
2015-03-30 Mon 08:23 PM 4.24 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay with variable onshore winds in the 1-5 MPH range until 11AM and 9-11 out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp hovers in the low 70’s.

For Tuesday morning that South swell will be on its last legs with sporadic waist high plus sets in the AM and a continued fade into the afternoon.

The better news is that we should see fresh, 12-14 second interval, NW wind swell weaving its way into the more exposed West facing breaks. The angle is a fairly steep, 300-310 degrees, so many spots will be shadowed/overlooked.

2015-03-31 Tue 02:03 AM 1.41 feet Low Tide
2015-03-31 Tue 04:35 AM Moonset
2015-03-31 Tue 06:42 AM Sunrise
2015-03-31 Tue 07:56 AM 4.62 feet High Tide
2015-03-31 Tue 02:25 PM 0.20 feet Low Tide
2015-03-31 Tue 04:10 PM Moonrise
2015-03-31 Tue 07:13 PM Sunset
2015-03-31 Tue 08:45 PM 4.44 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair early with variable breezes out of the S/SE/SSE at 4-6 MPH winds until 11AM and 8-10 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees.

For Wednesday morning it looks like we’ll see an unusually strong ground swell out of the W/NW. The Aleutian Islands will whip up a “One Day Wonder” type of swell that hasn’t been seen in quite some time. Long, 16-18 second interval lines should roar into almost every beach with 280-310 degree angle. The top West facing breaks should go OH to DOH so be ready for some serious power!

In addition to that thumping swell we’ll also see some 4 foot, deep water, 16-18 second interval swell out of the SW from a liberal angle of 190-220 degrees. The combination of these swells should make for some epic peaks that have beach breaks, point breaks and reef breaks pumping with perfect shape all day long!

The conditions look flawless so this will certainly be one of the best days of the 2015 season thus far. Whatever you have on your plate for the day be sure scoop it into dumpster and make room for a solid 2 hour surf!

2015-04-01 Wed 02:35 AM 3.50 feet Low Tide
2015-04-01 Wed 05:08 AM Moonset
2015-04-01 Wed 06:41 AM Sunrise
2015-04-01 Wed 08:31 AM 3.50 feet High Tide
2015-04-01 Wed 02:51 PM 3.50 feet Low Tide
2015-04-01 Wed 05:03 PM Moonrise
2015-04-01 Wed 07:14 PM Sunset
2015-04-01 Wed 09:06 PM 3.50 feet High Tide

The conditions should be as good as they get as high pressure roars into town for a one day stint and conjures up some magical 3-15 MPH breezes straight out of the East. Those should start at 12AM and continue all the way until 12AM the the next day. The air temp jumps up to a toasty 83 degrees and there shouldn’t be a cloud in the sky.

For Thursday morning things will change dramatically as the all swells drop off and the winds aren’t quite so kind to us.

It looks like we’ll see a dying SW swell and a decent amount of wind swell with 10-12 second intervals for a steep 300-310 degree angle. The top West facing breaks should see chest to shoulder high wind peaks.

2015-04-02 Thu 03:05 AM 0.75 feet Low Tide
2015-04-02 Thu 05:40 AM Moonset
2015-04-02 Thu 06:40 AM Sunrise
2015-04-02 Thu 09:04 AM 4.68 feet High Tide
2015-04-02 Thu 03:14 PM 0.38 feet Low Tide
2015-04-02 Thu 05:56 PM Moonrise
2015-04-02 Thu 07:15 PM Sunset
2015-04-02 Thu 09:27 PM 4.82 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair with N/NE/NNE, 1-7 MPH winds out of the until 11AM and 10-15 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 74 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 65 degrees, Huntington 63 degrees, the South Bay showed as 65 degrees, Santa Monica 65 degrees and Malibu 63 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!