Beware of the Urban Runoff – It is advised to stay out of the water for 72 hours following any measurable rain fall. It’s always a roll of the dice, especially after a major downpour. The threat of getting sick is very real, so if you do insist on taking the plunge be sure to use ear plugs and upon exiting the ocean rinse off in hot water, use some alcohol based ear drops, and a nasal netti pot rinse for good measure never hurt anybody.

For Monday morning we’ll see an even bigger swell move in, but along with it some nasty winds/weather and rain. The better West facing breaks will be in the OH to DOH zone in the morning and continue to build through the night. This energy will be a mixed bag on NW swell, but the bulk of the energy will move in with 12-14 second intervals from a 285-290 degree angle.

Stay on your toes though, even though the winds are predicted to be piss poor Mother Nature doesn’t always adhere to the script. I’ve seen the wind shift offshore many times when it was slated to be “Victory at Sea”. Likely… no, possibly… you never know for sure!

2016-03-07 Mon 01:34 AM 1.01 feet Low Tide
2016-03-07 Mon 05:12 AM Moonrise
2016-03-07 Mon 06:14 AM Sunrise
2016-03-07 Mon 07:42 AM 5.93 feet High Tide
2016-03-07 Mon 02:24 PM -0.94 feet Low Tide
2016-03-07 Mon 04:43 PM Moonset
2016-03-07 Mon 05:55 PM Sunset
2016-03-07 Mon 08:38 PM 4.78 feet High Tide

The conditions, (on paper), look horrific with 10-25 MPH West winds all day long. There’s a 100% chance of rain and the air temp continues to drop, topping out at 60 degrees.

Tuesday morning looks even more daunting with OH to DOH, to maybe even TOH sets at some West facing spots, (if the swell models don’t deviate from their current trend). This swell will have more power and size with 14-16 second intervals from that same 285-295 degree angle. Once again, the weather looks very messy on paper!

2016-03-08 Tue 02:17 AM 0.55 feet Low Tide
2016-03-08 Tue 05:55 AM Moonrise
2016-03-08 Tue 06:13 AM Sunrise
2016-03-08 Tue 08:26 AM 6.00 feet High Tide
2016-03-08 Tue 02:58 PM -0.91 feet Low Tide
2016-03-08 Tue 05:51 PM Moonset
2016-03-08 Tue 05:55 PM New Moon
2016-03-08 Tue 05:56 PM Sunset
2016-03-08 Tue 09:11 PM 5.12 feet High Tide

The conditions look poor again with variable onshore winds out of the N/NW all day long, (see projections below). The air temp catapults back up to 69 degrees.


For Wednesday morning the swell will back down a bit, but continue to pump, with the better West facing breaks dishing up OH to well OH sets from that same 285-295 degree angle. The winds are supposed to relax quite a bit but I’m not promising clean conditions, (especially under the surface).

2016-03-09 Wed 03:02 AM 0.18 feet Low Tide
2016-03-09 Wed 06:11 AM Sunrise
2016-03-09 Wed 06:37 AM Moonrise
2016-03-09 Wed 09:10 AM 5.85 feet High Tide
2016-03-09 Wed 03:34 PM -0.69 feet Low Tide
2016-03-09 Wed 05:57 PM Sunset
2016-03-09 Wed 07:01 PM Moonset
2016-03-09 Wed 09:46 PM 5.39 feet High Tide

The conditions should be okay with variable 1-4 MPH breezes until 11AM and 6-10 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 68 degrees.

For Thursday morning the swell will continue to drop, but there will still be plenty of waves as the better West facing breaks continue to produce chest to shoulder high surf from a 285-290 degree angle with 12-14 second intervals.

It looks like we’ll see some fresh ground swell start to weave its way into the mix later in the afternoon. This energy will be a bit steeper than the last few swells with a 300-305 degree angle and 14-16 second intervals.

2016-03-10 Thu 03:49 AM -0.04 feet Low Tide
2016-03-10 Thu 06:10 AM Sunrise
2016-03-10 Thu 07:19 AM Moonrise
2016-03-10 Thu 09:57 AM 5.47 feet High Tide
2016-03-10 Thu 04:10 PM -0.30 feet Low Tide
2016-03-10 Thu 05:58 PM Sunset
2016-03-10 Thu 08:10 PM Moonset
2016-03-10 Thu 10:24 PM 5.53 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay early with light and variable winds at 2-4 MPH until 11AM and 10-12 MOH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 67 degrees.

Water Temps: Malibu 61, Santa Monica 62, Hermosa 65, Huntington 62 & Newport 63 degrees.

I’ll be back on Monday with the next update!