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* 5-17-14 Submitted by Jim Duhe and Jason Asato – An estimated 9 foot GWS swam underneath both of them in 10 feet of water around 42nd st. El Porto.

* 5-16-14 Submitted by Anthony C. About a hundred yards from shore, saw a dorsal fin come towards me. It turned around then dove. Was about to ask the longboarder in front of me if it was a dolphin, when he started paddling real fast and said he saw a shark.

* 5-15-14 Submitted by Mike D – Watch it full screen. Click here to see the videoThis video is kind of a teaser again. I barely missed the money shot 2 days in a row. It’s almost as if these sharks are taunting me. Day 2 of my quest to capture an airborne Great White Shark on video. Day 1 I only got the splash. Day 2 I got a glimpse of the shark and the splash, Day 3… that’s tomorrow… we’ll see! Close only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades and sharks!

* 5-14-14 Submitted by Mike D – A GWS breached near the big jetty at 9AM but only the splash was caught on video. Click here to see the video Another GWS approx 4-6ft long was seen at 45th st at 1:30PM

* 5-9-14 Submitted by Lev – GWS approx 5-6ft long launched completely out of the water twice. It was in the air at a 45 degree angle with its tail maybe 2 feet above the water. Discovery Channel type sh%t. Was surfing south of 40 at around 10am, handful of guys out. Shark was just outside the lineup.

* 5-8-14 Submitted by Gary Castro – Thursday morning paddle out around 39th/40th @ 0555. 5 surfers in the line up and one surfer paddling out witnessed full breach of 4-6ft juvenile GWS with a fish in his mouth.

At least 25 min. later I was paddling back out and between myself and another surfer, the distance of 40 ft, a triangular dorsal fin breaks the surface and submerges in an instant.

* 5-5-14 Another Juvenile Great White Shark was spotted cruising through the line up at El Porto again on Monday. In addition I, (along with 2 others), witnessed a 6-7 foot GWS jump completely out of the water near 45th street. If you see anything noteworthy out there, feel free to send us

* 5-8-14 A 4-5 footer was seen jumping at 34th st this morning – another possible juvenile GWS was spotted between 45th and the jetty. an email with the details.

For Tuesday morning we’ll see continued 6-8 second interval NW wind swell in the waist high zone and 16 second interval SW energy in the chest to shoulder high range for the standout South facing breaks. Onshore winds will come up early and blow hard into the early evening.

2014-05-20 Tue 12:32 AM Moonrise
2014-05-20 Tue 01:44 AM 4.88 feet High Tide
2014-05-20 Tue 05:49 AM Sunrise
2014-05-20 Tue 09:04 AM -0.18 feet Low Tide
2014-05-20 Tue 11:53 AM Moonset
2014-05-20 Tue 04:04 PM 4.14 feet High Tide
2014-05-20 Tue 07:52 PM Sunset
2014-05-20 Tue 09:26 PM 2.33 feet Low Tide

The conditions look a little iffy with variable breezes out of the SE/SSE in the 2-7 MPH zone until 9AM and then pick up to 10-20 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp dips down to a 66 degrees.

Wednesday morning still has a little potential on the dropping swell. The wind swell looks a bit weak with waist high plus NW energy. The SW swell will be a bit smaller and less inconsistent but should still be good for waist to chest high sets at the top South facing breaks.

2014-05-21 Wed 01:13 AM Moonrise
2014-05-21 Wed 03:06 AM 4.38 feet High Tide
2014-05-21 Wed 05:48 AM Sunrise
2014-05-21 Wed 06:00 AM Last Quarter
2014-05-21 Wed 10:07 AM 0.12 feet Low Tide
2014-05-21 Wed 12:58 PM Moonset
2014-05-21 Wed 05:04 PM 4.52 feet High Tide
2014-05-21 Wed 07:53 PM Sunset
2014-05-21 Wed 11:02 PM 1.90 feet Low Tide

The conditions will mirror those of the last few days with a continued South flow. We’re looking at SE/SSE breezes at 3-7 MPH until 10AM and those will get up to 10-12 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp gets up to 68 degrees.

Thursday morning looks a bit feeble as all swells dip into the abyss. The top spots will see knee to waist high surf at best.

2014-05-22 Thu 01:52 AM Moonrise
2014-05-22 Thu 04:37 AM 4.04 feet High Tide
2014-05-22 Thu 05:47 AM Sunrise
2014-05-22 Thu 11:07 AM 0.40 feet Low Tide
2014-05-22 Thu 02:02 PM Moonset
2014-05-22 Thu 05:54 PM 4.96 feet High Tide
2014-05-22 Thu 07:53 PM Sunset

The conditions will look a little shady with onshore breezes in the 1-4 MPH until 10AM and those will turn West at 11-14 MPH in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 70 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 65 degrees, Huntington 65 degrees, the South Bay showed as 63 degrees, Santa Monica 65 degrees and Malibu 61 degrees.

I’ll be back on Tuesday with the 5DAY 4CAST!