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HURRICANE WATCH: Currently, there are no organized tropical systems throughout the eastern Pacific Basin, and no development is likely for at least the next few days.

Saturday looks smaller with a dying NW wind swell and sporadic pulses out of the SW. We’re anticipating waist high plus surf at most beaches.

2015-11-14 Sat 03:29 AM 2.34 feet Low Tide
2015-11-14 Sat 06:25 AM Sunrise
2015-11-14 Sat 08:55 AM Moonrise
2015-11-14 Sat 09:45 AM 5.75 feet High Tide
2015-11-14 Sat 04:51 PM Sunset
2015-11-14 Sat 05:05 PM -0.01 feet Low Tide
2015-11-14 Sat 07:33 PM Moonset
2015-11-14 Sat 11:40 PM 3.70 feet High Tide

The conditions look similar to those of Friday with variable winds out of the East. The models are calling for 2-9 MPH breezes until noon and mild 6-9 MPH winds for the rest of the day. The air temp dips a hair to 74 degrees.

Sunday morning should see more size at the standout West facing breaks as some super steep, 305-315 degree swell puts the top spots in the chest to shoulder high zone, (possibly a few larger sets). The problem is that due to the severity of the angle, this energy will bypass much of So Cal. Point Conception and above, and down into the San Diego/Baja Norte area will have more size and consistency than anything we’ll see locally.

Sporadic pulses out of the SW will remain in the mix.

2015-11-15 Sun 04:05 AM 2.58 feet Low Tide
2015-11-15 Sun 06:26 AM Sunrise
2015-11-15 Sun 09:46 AM Moonrise
2015-11-15 Sun 10:22 AM 5.53 feet High Tide
2015-11-15 Sun 04:50 PM Sunset
2015-11-15 Sun 05:53 PM 0.14 feet Low Tide
2015-11-15 Sun 08:27 PM Moonset

The conditions should be fair early as high pressure packs its bags and heads out of town. We’ll see light and variable winds in the 1-3 MPH zone until 10AM and blustery double digit onshores at 11-24 into the afternoon. The air temp dips to 66 degrees.

For Monday morning we will see a mish mash of confused NW wind swell as the onshore breezes keep blowing hard all through day. The surf will be shoulder to Head High for West facing breaks, but likely junky all day long!

2015-11-16 Mon 12:42 AM 3.63 feet High Tide
2015-11-16 Mon 04:53 AM 2.83 feet Low Tide
2015-11-16 Mon 06:27 AM Sunrise
2015-11-16 Mon 10:35 AM Moonrise
2015-11-16 Mon 11:07 AM 5.22 feet High Tide
2015-11-16 Mon 04:49 PM Sunset
2015-11-16 Mon 06:48 PM 0.31 feet Low Tide
2015-11-16 Mon 09:25 PM Moonset

The conditions look ghastly with double digit onshore breezes until dark and then there will be some easing throughout the night. The air tops out at 67 degrees.

For Tuesday morning we will see leftover NW wind swell from yesterdays eruption. The best West facing breaks should go chest high plus for the morning and quickly fade through the day.

2015-11-17 Tue 01:55 AM 3.70 feet High Tide
2015-11-17 Tue 06:06 AM 3.02 feet Low Tide
2015-11-17 Tue 06:28 AM Sunrise
2015-11-17 Tue 11:21 AM Moonrise
2015-11-17 Tue 12:07 PM 4.83 feet High Tide
2015-11-17 Tue 04:49 PM Sunset
2015-11-17 Tue 07:50 PM 0.47 feet Low Tide
2015-11-17 Tue 10:25 PM Moonset

The conditions look to improve with N/NNE breezes in the 4-11 MPH until noon and 8-12 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp climbs back to 70 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 64 degrees, Huntington 64 degrees, the South Bay showed as 65 degrees, Santa Monica 64 degrees and Malibu 61 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update!