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HURRICANE WATCH: Currently, there are no organized tropical systems in the eastern Pacific basin, and no development is likely for at least the next few days.

For Saturday morning we will see more of the same with the blips of SW energy being the only game in town. The size should go waist high plus on the sets with some fun little lines at the best South facing breaks. The fat early morning high tide will definitely slow things down a bit.

2015-11-07 Sat 12:16 AM 1.17 feet Low Tide
2015-11-07 Sat 02:38 AM Moonrise
2015-11-07 Sat 06:18 AM Sunrise
2015-11-07 Sat 06:42 AM 5.22 feet High Tide
2015-11-07 Sat 01:07 PM 1.08 feet Low Tide
2015-11-07 Sat 02:57 PM Moonset
2015-11-07 Sat 04:56 PM Sunset
2015-11-07 Sat 07:00 PM 4.28 feet High Tide

The conditions look unreal all day with NE/NNE breezes in the 5-10 MPH until noon at most spots, (but stronger below the passes and canyons), and timid breezes out of the West in the afternoon. Should be another stellar day for the ocean surface. The air temp tops out at 75 degrees.

Sunday morning looks about the same for the AM with waist high plus sets from that same 215-220 degree angle and that will fizzle out in the afternoon.

Once again you’ll have to contend with a pretty beefy tide just after 7AM.

2015-11-08 Sun 12:45 AM 1.30 feet Low Tide
2015-11-08 Sun 03:31 AM Moonrise
2015-11-08 Sun 06:19 AM Sunrise
2015-11-08 Sun 07:06 AM 5.43 feet High Tide
2015-11-08 Sun 01:38 PM 0.70 feet Low Tide
2015-11-08 Sun 03:29 PM Moonset
2015-11-08 Sun 04:55 PM Sunset
2015-11-08 Sun 07:38 PM 4.29 feet High Tide

The conditions look pretty good again for the AM with light and variable breezes in the 1-3 MPH until noon and 6-9 MPH out of the West in the afternoon. High pressure breaks down through the day the perfect conditions hit the road for the time being. The air temp dips to comfortable 70 degrees.

Monday morning starts off small but we do have some 14-16 second interval NW ground swell brewing. That will fill in later in the day from a steep 305-310 degrees and put the most exposed West facing breaks into the shoulder to head high zone later in the day.

High tide plays a role in the morning scenario… especially if we don’t see any scout sets from the impending NW energy.

2015-11-09 Mon 01:11 AM 1.44 feet Low Tide
2015-11-09 Mon 04:24 AM Moonrise
2015-11-09 Mon 06:20 AM Sunrise
2015-11-09 Mon 07:28 AM 5.63 feet High Tide
2015-11-09 Mon 02:08 PM 0.38 feet Low Tide
2015-11-09 Mon 04:02 PM Moonset
2015-11-09 Mon 04:54 PM Sunset
2015-11-09 Mon 08:13 PM 4.27 feet High Tide

The conditions look a bit more chaotic but the morning starts off mellow with variable breezes in the 1-5 MPH zone until 11AM and then jump up considerably with 11-28 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 66 degrees.

Tuesday could go either way. The outer water winds are slated to blow hard Monday night so if everything I see on paper today holds true we’ll see a boat load of NW wind swell, coupled with peaking NW ground swell and severely offshore winds. To me that spells beach break A-Frames with back door barrels on offer, but my glass is very much “half full” right now!
2015-11-10 Tue 01:37 AM 1.58 feet Low Tide
2015-11-10 Tue 05:18 AM Moonrise
2015-11-10 Tue 06:21 AM Sunrise
2015-11-10 Tue 07:52 AM 5.78 feet High Tide
2015-11-10 Tue 02:39 PM 0.13 feet Low Tide
2015-11-10 Tue 04:37 PM Moonset
2015-11-10 Tue 04:53 PM Sunset
2015-11-10 Tue 08:49 PM 4.22 feet High Tide

The conditions look interesting to say the least but since it’s 5 days out I’ll take it with a grain of salt. On paper we have emphatic offshore winds out of the N/NE/NNE in the 12-20 MPH zone all day long. I’ll keep an eye on it as I believe the projections on this one will change in the next couple of days. The air temp tops out at 67 degrees.

The current water temps Newport 66 degrees, Huntington 67 degrees, the South Bay showed as 65 degrees, Santa Monica 64 degrees and Malibu 64 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update!