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For Wednesday morning we’ll see our previous South swell back down into waist high zone with 11-12 second intervals from 190 degrees. We’ll will also see our newer South swell continue to pump throughout the day. The angle will remain at 200 degrees with 16-17 second intervals and culminate in shoulder to head high + sets with some impressive OH bombs at the most exposed South facing breaks!

2019-05-15 Wed 01:41 AM 0.65 feet Low Tide
2019-05-15 Wed 04:07 AM Moonset
2019-05-15 Wed 05:52 AM Sunrise
2019-05-15 Wed 07:32 AM 4.51 feet High Tide
2019-05-15 Wed 01:33 PM 0.28 feet Low Tide
2019-05-15 Wed 04:37 PM Moonrise
2019-05-15 Wed 07:48 PM Sunset
2019-05-15 Wed 08:00 PM 5.71 feet High Tide

The conditions look fair early with variable breezes out of the South at 3-5 MPH until noon and 8-12 MPH breezes out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 67 degrees and there’s a 10% chance of rain.

For Thursday morning that South swell will continue to churn out decent sized waves, with 15-16 second intervals from an angle of 200 degrees. The most exposed South facing breaks should see sets in the chest to shoulder high zone all through the day. We’ll also see some NW wind swell move in from 280-285 degree angle with 7-8 second intervals.

2019-05-16 Thu 02:28 AM -0.03 feet Low Tide
2019-05-16 Thu 04:42 AM Moonset
2019-05-16 Thu 05:51 AM Sunrise
2019-05-16 Thu 08:28 AM 4.47 feet High Tide
2019-05-16 Thu 02:12 PM 0.56 feet Low Tide
2019-05-16 Thu 05:43 PM Moonrise
2019-05-16 Thu 07:49 PM Sunset
2019-05-16 Thu 08:33 PM 6.05 feet High Tide

The conditions look to be poor with S/SSE breezes in the 8-12 MPH zone until 9:00 AM and up to 12-18 MPH out of the West for the rest of the day. The air temp tops out at 63 degrees and there’s a 100% chance of rain.

For Friday morning we’ll dip into the chest high + zone for the better South facing breaks as that swell continues its slow, methodical fade from that same 200 degree angle.

It looks like we’ll also see some fresh, NW wind swell enter the fray from a steep 305 degree angle and 10-11 second intervals.

2019-05-17 Fri 03:13 AM -0.55 feet Low Tide
2019-05-17 Fri 05:18 AM Moonset
2019-05-17 Fri 05:51 AM Sunrise
2019-05-17 Fri 09:20 AM 4.36 feet High Tide
2019-05-17 Fri 02:47 PM 0.90 feet Low Tide
2019-05-17 Fri 06:48 PM Moonrise
2019-05-17 Fri 07:49 PM Sunset
2019-05-17 Fri 09:05 PM 6.25 feet High Tide

The conditions look terrible with onshore breezes out of the West in the 8-20 MPH zone all day long. The air temp bumps up 66 degrees.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good rain so the water quality will undoubtedly be compromised if it rains as hard as it is supposed to, and it’s advised to wait 72 hours before paddling out again.

For Saturday morning we’ll dip into the waist to chest high zone for the South facing breaks as that swell backs down further, (14 seconds from 200 degrees).

That 305 degree wind swell will remain in the mix with waist high surf for the better West facing beaches.

2019-05-18 Sat 03:57 AM -0.87 feet Low Tide
2019-05-18 Sat 05:50 AM Sunrise
2019-05-18 Sat 05:56 AM Moonset
2019-05-18 Sat 10:10 AM 4.19 feet High Tide
2019-05-18 Sat 02:11 PM Full Moon
2019-05-18 Sat 03:22 PM 1.27 feet Low Tide
2019-05-18 Sat 07:50 PM Sunset
2019-05-18 Sat 07:53 PM Moonrise
2019-05-18 Sat 09:39 PM 6.29 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay in the morning with SE/SSE breezes in the 5-7 MPH zone until 10:00 AM and 7-12 MPH out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp tops out 66 degrees.

For Sunday morning we’ll dip down into the knee to waist high zone everywhere with crummy winds and leftover South swell and NW wind swell.

2019-05-19 Sun 04:39 AM -0.99 feet Low Tide
2019-05-19 Sun 05:49 AM Sunrise
2019-05-19 Sun 06:37 AM Moonset
2019-05-19 Sun 11:00 AM 3.98 feet High Tide
2019-05-19 Sun 03:57 PM 1.66 feet Low Tide
2019-05-19 Sun 07:51 PM Sunset
2019-05-19 Sun 08:56 PM Moonrise
2019-05-19 Sun 10:12 PM 6.16 feet High Tide

The conditions look poor with variable onshore breezes in the 10-13 MPH zone all day long. The air temp tops out 66 degrees.

Water temps are as follows, (day of 4CAST update) and are as follows: Malibu 61 Santa Monica 63 South Bay 63, Huntington 60, Newport 62.

The next 4CAST will be posted on Thursday!

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