We are monitoring an area of low pressure located several hundred miles southwest of the southern coast of Mexico. Further development of this low center is not likely for the next 24-48 hours. However, beyond 48 hours, wind shear will lessen across this low and it is located in a zone of warm water. Thus, further development of this system into a tropical depression or storm is looking more likely by the middle part of this week. The system will take a general track northward toward the southern tip of Baja California over the next several days.

Elsewhere in the East Pacific basin, development is not anticipated for at least the next three to five days.

Well sometimes the puzzle pieces just don’t fit together… and for one reason or another this swell just didn’t deliver. There were plenty of waves, but even Malibu and San O’ had a weird lump on it, (for no explainable reason). Anyway, it just goes to show you that no matter how good things look on paper Mother Nature has the final say. Unfortunately, her husband cheated on her last week so she decided to F#$k us all, ALL WEEK LONG! Oh well, Seasonal swell is around the corner and I’m not going to let my confidence killing session from this morning convince me that I can no longer surf… it was so bad today that I paddled out without a hat so I couldn’t be easily identified. Hopefully the Steelers can spike my Moral! Good things are predicted by the Magic 8-Ball!

For Monday morning the store will remain open for business as the 190-195 degree, SW energy continues its slow decline, and the new, steeply angled South swell, (180 degrees at 16-17 degrees), will deliver chest to shoulder high sets at the most exposed South facing breaks in the OC and San O’ areas. Due to the severity of the angle many beaches will get completely blanked or only get a small whiff of the swell so shop around before you commit to paddle.

2018-09-17 Mon 12:02 AM Moonset
2018-09-17 Mon 06:33 AM 3.55 feet High Tide
2018-09-17 Mon 06:38 AM Sunrise
2018-09-17 Mon 10:33 AM 3.14 feet Low Tide
2018-09-17 Mon 02:28 PM Moonrise
2018-09-17 Mon 04:43 PM 4.59 feet High Tide
2018-09-17 Mon 06:57 PM Sunset

The conditionsshould be fair with variable breezes at 1-5 MPH until noon and 7-9 MPH winds out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 74 degrees.

For Tuesday morning we’ll see minor remnant SW energy and continued steeply angled South swell from that 180 degree angle with 14-15 second intervals. The better South facing beaches should cough up chest high sets in the morning and we anticipate that the size and consistency will wane as the day goes on.

2018-09-18 Tue 12:21 AM 0.90 feet Low Tide
2018-09-18 Tue 12:49 AM Moonset
2018-09-18 Tue 06:39 AM Sunrise
2018-09-18 Tue 07:27 AM 3.84 feet High Tide
2018-09-18 Tue 12:04 PM 3.00 feet Low Tide
2018-09-18 Tue 03:17 PM Moonrise
2018-09-18 Tue 05:54 PM 4.74 feet High Tide
2018-09-18 Tue 06:56 PM Sunset

The conditions look okay with light breezes at 1-4 MPH until noon and 7-8 MPH out of the SW in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 74 degrees.

Wednesday morning looks like another begging situation so sit near a freeway onramp with a sign that says. “Will work for Ground Swell”! All South swell will be toe tagged and left for dead and small. short interval, NW wind swell will be the only life left breathing. Nothing too dynamic, but the better West facing breaks should pull in waist high + peaks with the top spots delivering some larger waves.

2018-09-19 Wed 01:10 AM 0.66 feet Low Tide
2018-09-19 Wed 01:38 AM Moonset
2018-09-19 Wed 06:40 AM Sunrise
2018-09-19 Wed 07:58 AM 4.08 feet High Tide
2018-09-19 Wed 12:57 PM 2.71 feet Low Tide
2018-09-19 Wed 04:02 PM Moonrise
2018-09-19 Wed 06:47 PM 4.97 feet High Tide
2018-09-19 Wed 06:54 PM Sunset

The conditions look about the same with variable 2-5 MPH breezes until noon and 7-9 MPH winds out of the West in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 71 degrees on the sand.

For Thursday morning we’ll see continued meager NW wind swell in the waist high + range.

2018-09-20 Thu 01:47 AM 0.47 feet Low Tide
2018-09-20 Thu 02:31 AM Moonset
2018-09-20 Thu 06:40 AM Sunrise
2018-09-20 Thu 08:23 AM 4.27 feet High Tide
2018-09-20 Thu 01:35 PM 2.38 feet Low Tide
2018-09-20 Thu 04:42 PM Moonrise
2018-09-20 Thu 06:53 PM Sunset
2018-09-20 Thu 07:29 PM 5.20 feet High Tide

The conditions look decent with variable winds in the 2-5 MPH zone until noon and 6-9 MPH breezes in the afternoon. The air temp tops out at 74 degrees.

For Friday morning we’ll see some South swell action come into play with waist to possibly chest high sets from a fairly liberal angle of 210-215 degrees with 16 second intervals. Not a large swell, but with the log intervals it should have a little oomph to it.

2018-09-21 Fri 02:18 AM 0.35 feet Low Tide
2018-09-21 Fri 03:24 AM Moonset
2018-09-21 Fri 06:41 AM Sunrise
2018-09-21 Fri 08:44 AM 4.46 feet High Tide
2018-09-21 Fri 02:07 PM 2.04 feet Low Tide
2018-09-21 Fri 05:20 PM Moonrise
2018-09-21 Fri 06:51 PM Sunset
2018-09-21 Fri 08:05 PM 5.38 feet High Tide

The conditions look okay again with variable winds in the 2-3 MPH zone until 11:00AM and 6-9 MPH breezes in the afternoon. The air temp holds at 74 degrees.

Water temps are as follows, (day of 4CAST update) and are as follows: Malibu 64, Santa Monica 69 South Bay 70, Huntington 68, Newport 69.

The next 4CAST will be posted on Tuesday!

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