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STOLEN: 2 brand new, silver Dakine board bags were stolen off of the roof of my Sequoia this morning. My buddy made the ill advised decision to leave them there for me and they were Grinched up while I was surfing. I was parked right around 42nd st so if you know anything about the theft please contact me ASAP. Thanks [email protected]

That swell started to show up a bit early today and the better West facing breaks saw inconsistent overhead waves. This should continue to build through the day and make for some nice bomb sets for Saturday morning. *Also the water temps have dipped into the high 50’s so break out your finest rubber if you’re heading out there.

Saturday morning looks interesting as some fresh NW energy moves down the line from a super steep 310-315 degree angle. Due to the steep nature of the swell it will completely bypass the majority of beaches in our neck of the woods but should come roaring in to the San Diego/Northern Baja area. This swell will have some power, putting spots like Blacks into the well overhead to double overhead zone. Some spots in South Bay will be able to pull in a bit of the action but the beach breaks could be a tough nut to crack in terms of shape. Look for top spots to see overhead plus sets.

2012-12-22 Sat 01:53 AM Moonset
2012-12-22 Sat 05:06 AM 5.22 feet High Tide
2012-12-22 Sat 06:56 AM Sunrise
2012-12-22 Sat 12:26 PM 0.69 feet Low Tide
2012-12-22 Sat 01:01 PM Moonrise
2012-12-22 Sat 04:49 PM Sunset
2012-12-22 Sat 06:37 PM 3.24 feet High Tide
2012-12-22 Sat 11:12 PM 2.12 feet Low Tide

The conditions look pretty good again with variable breezes out of the East at 3-6 MPH until noon and mile 2-5 MPH breezes out of the West for the rest of the day. We’ll see an air temp of 62 degrees.

Sunday morning will see more of the same with continued, steeply angled, NW energy. Top spots will be shoulder high to overhead, but once again, the steep angle will bypass the majority of So Cal beaches.

2012-12-23 Sun 02:48 AM Moonset
2012-12-23 Sun 05:46 AM 5.41 feet High Tide
2012-12-23 Sun 06:56 AM Sunrise
2012-12-23 Sun 01:08 PM 0.25 feet Low Tide
2012-12-23 Sun 01:38 PM Moonrise
2012-12-23 Sun 04:50 PM Sunset
2012-12-23 Sun 07:32 PM 3.38 feet High Tide
2012-12-23 Sun 11:57 PM 2.26 feet Low Tide

The conditions look promising with variable winds out of the East in the 1-6 MPH range until noon and timid, 4-6 MPH West winds until sundown. There’s also a 50% chance of rain and we’ll see an air temp of 60 degrees.

Monday morning will shoulder to head high plus waves for the most exposed West facing breaks. The weather is threatening to Grinch out the Christmas Eve Day surf so be sure to check the cams before leaving that warm bed.

2012-12-24 Mon 12:05 AM 2.10 feet Low Tide
2012-12-24 Mon 03:34 AM Moonset
2012-12-24 Mon 06:30 AM 6.03 feet High Tide
2012-12-24 Mon 06:48 AM Sunrise
2012-12-24 Mon 01:44 PM -0.20 feet Low Tide
2012-12-24 Mon 02:15 PM Moonrise
2012-12-24 Mon 04:48 PM Sunset
2012-12-24 Mon 08:05 PM 3.77 feet High Tide

The conditions are looking to deteriorate with 6-12 MPH on shores all day and those will blow stronger than that up in the Ventura/Oxnard area. There’s a 40% chance of rain and the air temp will remain in the low 60’s.

Tuesday morning will be a bit smaller with chest to head high sets for the better West facing breaks. The high tide will be in play for the dawn patrol with a 6.21 shortly after 7AM. Nonetheless, there should still be some rideable waves for those who can sneak out early.

2012-12-25 Tue 12:45 AM 2.14 feet Low Tide
2012-12-25 Tue 04:27 AM Moonset
2012-12-25 Tue 06:48 AM Sunrise
2012-12-25 Tue 07:04 AM 6.21 feet High Tide
2012-12-25 Tue 02:17 PM -0.48 feet Low Tide
2012-12-25 Tue 02:58 PM Moonrise
2012-12-25 Tue 04:49 PM Sunset
2012-12-25 Tue 08:40 PM 3.90 feet High Tide

The conditions should turn back around for providing Santa with an NNE tail wind in the 6-9 MPH range until noon and 7-9 MPH out of the West for the rest of the day.. We’ll see an air temp of 62 degrees.

The current water temps are as follows – Newport 56 degrees, Huntington 56 degrees, the South Bay showed as 57 degrees, Santa Monica 57 degrees and Malibu 56 degrees.

I’ll be back on Sunday with the next update.