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Surfing in a mature age: top 5 travel destination for mature partners


Are you an older single who adores surfing? Would you love to meet a potential love interest sharing your passion for catching waves? You’ll easily connect with people fitting the bill if you sign up for a local mature hookup service. Here you’ll get to interact with a cross-section of interesting mature individuals, including surf enthusiasts. If you come across a particularly exciting profile, why not send that person a ‘wink,’ and start to establish a rapport. If this leads to regular contact, you might be inspired to arrange a surfing break. When you get to that stage, here are five surfer destinations.


Malibu, USA


This location should top your list – after all, California has become so synonymous with surfing. Why else would the Beach Boys have written so many fabulous songs celebrating the joys of surfing? (As a band who originated in the 60s, they’re also hugely popular with people of a certain age!) Whether you and your partner are novices or are already accomplished surfers, you’ll find the perfect setting to catch those Pacific breakers. The beaches can get busy, but they’re expansive – and surfing opportunities are available around 300 days out of 365!


Bukit Peninsula, Indonesia


Perhaps your imagination doesn’t always conjure Indonesia when you think of surfing destinations. After all, this Asian republic consists of over 17,000 separate islands languishing in the vast Pacific Ocean. Bukit Peninsula, jutting out into the azure waters at the southern tip of Bali, is named after the local word for hill, and the towering cliffs here give a bird’s eye view of the incoming breakers. There are waves to suit every level of surfer, as well as interesting sights away from the coastline. In-between catching waves, you and your significant other could explore the beautiful 11th-century Uluwatu temple nearby, poised at the edge of a 70-meter-high cliff.


Oahu, Hawaii


Have you heard of the world-famous Oahu Pipeline? This awesome swelling wave is regarded with awe by surfers, in much the same way mountaineers wax lyrical about the Himalayas! A number one spot for surfers, you can certainly make a beeline for this coastal retreat, but be cautious that the 6-meter breakers can spill surfers into the briny seas. The good news is that there are more moderate beaches around this tropical paradise, including the renowned North Shore. Complete beginners will feel at home in Waikiki, where the gentler waves are the equivalent of a majestic pony trek as opposed to the bucking broncos elsewhere around Hawaii!


Jeffreys Bay, South Africa


Another location known for its spectacular supertube breakers and turbulent swell, Jeffreys Bay is well worth a visit. J-Bay to the local surfing community, there are 10 different sections available, ranging from those that are perfect for intrepid strong boarders, down to those mature couples who would be content with lounging around and paddling in the shallows. Some of the surfing sections have intriguing names – Boneyards, Salad Bowls, and so on. Probably best to avoid the one the J-Bay fraternity call ‘Impossible’ if you are merely seeking a romantic splash around!


Popoyu, Nicaragua


The west coast of this resort boasts some incredible surfing opportunities, with multiple beaches for mature visitors to choose from. You can book one of the sprawling beach houses or hostels clustered along the Pacific shoreline, and once you feel like a break from watersports, you can travel a mile or so to Las Salinas, the nearest town, where you can grab some traditional Latin American cuisine. Chilling next to the breakers with a beer in hand often trumps the thought of plunging into the surf again!