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Ten Interesting Facts About Surfing


For millions of people worldwide, surfing is a natural addiction, a source of love, and a passion. Numerous thousands of tourists come to the islands to participate in and watch this sport.


We have compiled the most fascinating surfing history facts for you today.


  1. One of the oldest sports on the planet is surfing. Additionally, despite the fact that the start of its history is obscured by haze, researchers recently found cave drawings in Peru that show people surfing waves. These images date back 5000 years!


  1. The early surfboards were constructed of sturdy wood, could reach a length of 3.6 meters, and weighed at least 45 kg. Cork boards gained popularity in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Modern boards are typically comprised of polyurethane foam that has been pressed onto “stringers” of wood.


  1. A $10 billion business is now estimated to exist around surfing, and there are now more than 20 million surfers worldwide.


  1. Since 1999, a university in the UK has offered a two-year study on surfing. The course includes courses on surfing sports and culture, geographic influences on surfing, ecology, and coastal management. Of course, students must also try surfing on the waves. To focus on surfing lessons, students use the services of professional writers who offer writing papers for college students and help students maintain good academic performance.


  1. The board’s longest ride lasted 3 hours and 55 minutes. Gary Saavedra, who rode the artificial wave behind the boat for nearly four hours in 2011, set the record. Those who have attempted wakeboarding will understand how great it is, but the drawback is that it takes 4 hours to get your legs tired, compared to just 5 minutes here.


  1. An annual animal surfing contest is held in Huntington Beach, California. Particularly open to the sport are dogs. It should be mentioned that dogs receive extensive technical training from a trainer, just like humans do. The exam competition judges the dog’s confidence displayed on its face, the size of the wave, and the length of the ride.


  1. Talented surfers managed to place 282 surfboards on the roof of a car, but they were only able to go for 30 meters. Sometimes it’s difficult to get even 3 boards on the roof of a car. This was carried out in the Californian city of Santa Barbara for the Guinness World Record. We hope the experiment didn’t damage any surfboards.


  1. Garrett McNamara, an American surfer who surfed a wave 24 meters high in Nazareth, Portugal, holds the record for the biggest wave ever caught.


  1. Hawaiian Donald Dettlof has amassed the largest collection of surfboards; his “wealth” totals 647 boards. At his Haiku house in Maui, the boards are kept in storage. He put approximately 15 years of effort to put together this modest collection. Dettloff used his boards to construct a hedge.


  1. Today, there are an estimated 23,000,000 surfers worldwide, and 30% of them are female. The average age of surfers is 34 years old, and each surfer has an average of 4 boards. Eighty percent of surfers lead with their left foot.