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Top 5 Best Surfing Honeymoon Destinations for newlyweds


Many surfing fans have found their soulmates on dating sites. This is an environment where it’s easy to come across kindred spirits. Chat rooms are an ideal place to connect with people sharing your interests, especially if you’re keen on popular water activities. Surfing is a hobby that will also provide opportunities for seeking fresh surfing adventures. So, once you’ve signed up to a typical dating site looking for local hookups on tenderbang, there’s no reason why you couldn’t fall head over heels for another surfer. Should you eventually tie the knot, here are the top five recommended honeymoon locations.




Tahiti in French Polynesia – even the name sounds like the perfect location for an idyllic honeymoon. You won’t be disappointed by this Pacific paradise, with azure seas and golden beaches, surrounded by nodding palm trees. You can book into a luxury bungalow, some of which straddle the ocean on stilts. Away from surfing, you can dip into the seas with snorkels and marvel at the natural beauty, or even go horseriding! But the surfing is second-to-none, with wave heights reaching up to 3.6 meters. If you’re beginners at surfing (as well as newlyweds!) a short ferry trip will take you to the more tranquil waters of Hauru, a magnet for beginners.




Hawaii is another popular Pacific Ocean resort for recently married couples, with the so-called ‘Banzai Pipeline‘ being one of the most renowned surfing locations in the USA. (Yes, it’s sometimes hard to picture this tropical paradise as being part of the same country!) The waves on the aforementioned pipeline can swell up to over six meters, leading to thrilling rides to shore. But Oahu is also ideal for surfers at beginners or intermediate levels. Other good news. There are wonderful resorts to choose from that make your honeymoon even more comfortable.




Indonesia consists of no fewer than 17,500 islands, but Bali, located on the Lesser Sunda Islands, has become synonymous with terrific surfing. As a honeymoon destination, it offers surf hotels or private villas – romantic oases where you can enjoy yoga classes or visit nearby temples. When it comes to grabbing a board and mastering the waves, there are fantastic surfing opportunities, especially around Uluwatu, on Bali’s southwestern coast. Here, the Indian Ocean can be turbulent, but you’re also never too far from calmer waters where more sedate cruises are another option.




France may not leap to mind as obviously as the places we’ve mentioned in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Nevertheless, the Atlantic swells on this nation’s west coast can also provide ample opportunities for intrepid boarders. Close enough to the Spanish border for romantic day trips to Bilbao, the best time for your surfing break would be later in the year (as the Atlantic’s temperature can drop). It might still be a good idea to pack a wetsuit before braving the waves. But for beginners, the waves on La Grande Plage are always easily conquered, building your courage for tackling faster rides.




Another Indian Ocean paradise, the Maldives has been a favored honeymoon location for some time, attracting newlyweds from the world over. But if you also want to combine romance with surfing, there are always opportunities. This nation consists of over 1,100 islands, with reefs and atolls breaking up the ocean swell nicely in many areas. You’ll get to know the swell size depending on which part of the Maldives you visit, with veterans heading to the outer reefs to the Southeast. There are also many romantic activities for you to indulge in, from charming boat cruises to simply chilling on the shore, gazing at the sun dappling on the azure seas.