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Top 7 Surf Colleges in America

Getting enrolled in college to pursue your career in surfing may not seem like the most practical way. Regardless of your sports passion, it is still recommended to have at least a college degree. Nevertheless, not sure where to get enrolled? Here is a list of some best colleges in the U.S. to boost your surfing passion.

San Francisco State University

According to ranking reports, the university has stood among the top ten universities in the U.S. for consistently ten years. The university maintains high academic standards and the surfing aspect too. UCSD is also popular for its oceanography and marine biology. 

So, if you want to enjoy surfing and make a career in a relevant field, this university could be a great ‘surf schools’ option. The institute is within walking distance of Black’s beach. The best part about the university of California San Diego is its surf spots like Windansea and the Black’s beach, as mentioned earlier. 

But, academic pressure and stress are naturally a byproduct of college and university studies. If managing your surfing passion and studies seem too difficult, you can always take academic help from services like

So, if you want to study and are an avid surfing fan, you may also consider joining one of the U.S. best UCSD surf teams. No wonder why this university is one of the best California surf schools.

University of California San Diego

Screenshot 2022 04 23 11.27.41 AMBy far the most mesmerizing spot to surf in the U.S., San Francisco state university is located such that it covers a world-class beach break and has several novelty points to offer. If you are looking for an institution that can suffice your surf hunger with great academic success, SFSU should be your first choice. 

The Ocean Beach is a whole year surf spot. Winters are more worthy as the high tides, up to 20feet, are a treat for surfers. Therefore, SFSU is among the best surf colleges in the U.S. 

The university offers many courses and programs to students aiming to enrol. With over 118 bachelor’s degree programs and other certification courses, San Francisco state university stands out as the most heterogeneous gentry institution in the U.S. Around 25 thousand students are currently enrolled in this prestigious university of San Francisco. 

University of Hawai’i Manoa

This university is one of the best surfing academies in the U.S. It is close to the premiere town spots and high-quality lefts of Publics. The students of this university are privileged to have the warm water off North Shore just an hour’s drive away. 

If you wish to enrol in this university, you can choose to pursue your degree in 93 different subjects. The university ranks pretty high among other public universities. Furthermore, it is widely known for its research expenditure and international business school. 

Screenshot 2022 04 23 11.28.22 AMFor students interested in surfing, classes in surfing history and Polynesian are also available. Besides, the university also offers courses in Oceanography and surf forecasting. 

So, are you looking forward to being a professional surfer with a relevant degree to boost your career and income? If so, this is one of the best and biggest colleges in the U.S. Counted surfers like Eric Firing, Ben Finney, Ricky Grigg, and Roger Lucas are included in the faculty. 

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Wrightsville Beach is known for its relatively consistent surf. Spots like Crystal Pier and Masonboro have their moments. Also, the campus is just a four-hour drive away from Cape Hatteras. 

The university has a fairly high acceptance rate for students with higher than A grades in high school. Also, it is known for its affordability. Since it has a world-famous marine biology department and offers environmental science coursework, it is famous among surfers. Apart from it, it offers 52 different fields of study to undergraduate students. 

The city is full of southern charm with a historic port and colonial buildings. The downtown has great dance clubs, lively bars, and amazing food cafes offering late-night eats. No wonder why the campus is known as a party school and among the best surf schools.

The beach is just a ten-minute drive from the campus. And, across the beach, there is a brackish Intracoastal Waterway. This spot has amazing beach-centric restaurants and bars to relax and have fun. The city is one of the most happening surf towns in the Mid-Atlantic. 

So, if you are a party person looking for great surfing opportunities while pursuing your degree, this is the place to be. It would not be unfair to say that it is the coolest university of surfing for surfing lovers. 

Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is a world-class university, and it is not cheap. The annual tuition and the living expenses are not affordable for all. Nevertheless, the campus is known for its excellent academics, and the city is known for its crazy L.A nightlife. And one of the best point breaks – Malibu – is a five-minute walk away from the school. Here are some key pointers about the campus:

  • Known for: Communication/journalism, Social sciences, and Business/Marketing. 
  • Acceptance rate: 35%.
  • Nearby surf breaks are Venice Beach, Malibu, Point Dume, and Topanga. 
  • Surf organization: Team/club.

Pepperdine is among the best colleges with surf teams with so much to offer. If you can afford the tuition fee and living expenses, there is no reason not to get enrolled here. 

California State University, Channel Islands

The situation between the Edna Valley’s vineyards and the Pacific Ocean, this university is one of the best colleges for surfing. It offers degrees in:

  • Mathematics;
  • Engineering;
  • Business;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Architecture, and more. 

The downtown has a great nightlife for individuals in search of undergraduate matriculation. It is one of the more rural and colder surf towns in California. But, the amazing outdoor activities and the waves keep the students occupied in their leisure time. 

Monmouth University

Prefer living near the east coast? Want to study at affordable prices with surfing desires equally important? Monmouth university tops the best colleges in the east coast with great surfing spots. One of the most affordable private universities, Monmouth opens the door for great academic and professional success. Apart from being economical, the sports opportunities it offers are unprecedented. Sport is an integral part of a student’s life. And surfers are born surfers. The university is popular among students who are surf lovers. Moreover, the university has limited programs to offer with a relatively high acceptance rate compared to other colleges. Most surf fans enrol in this institution to enjoy the nearby surf breaks. 

The winter fall brings a real smile to the faces of surfers. High tides and huge waves during the wintertime are beyond explainable. Joining the school’s surf club is the cherry on the top. You will be able to catch up with some real prime surf spots like Jenks, Sea Girt, and  Manasquan Inlet, to name a few. Making new surf friends is the best thing about colleges near beaches. It gives you that satisfying feeling abou t the study, sports accomplishment that can never be explained in words

In short, all of the universities mentioned above are unique in their way. All of them have a lot to offer to students interested in surfing. So, explore more about these universities’ academics and choose the one that matches your requirements the most.

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