All shots by William H. Mertz


SURF REPORT for Troncones, Mexico Updated 10-7-13

It has been a week of overall excellent conditions and today was no exception. Head high minimum with 3 to 4 feet overheads common. Great form and direction with a predominant South-SW angle. Short waits between the good sets with every 3rd or 4th much larger. Had to be a little careful not to get caught on the inside when the big ones hit.

Really nice group today, with as many as 7 out at one time.

Forecasts looking good into the next week with the same or better everyday.

Air temperature in the upper 80′s to low 90’s and water temp is around 86. The rains have tapered off substantially and most days are clear and sunny.

Sunrise is 7:37 and sunset 19:32. High tide at 9:12 and 1.7 ft.

Photos are from Punta Troncones.

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