All shots by William H. Mertz


SURF REPORT for Troncones, Mexico Updated 3-17-13

Good Afternoon from Troncones, MX and Manzanillo Bay

Near perfect conditions today. Only two things amiss. A fairly stiff cross shore shearing the tops a bit and a handful of novice or inconsiderate surfers. Quite a few close calls on the drops.

Big, well overhead sets a plenty, at 2 to 4 ft over minimum. Best to not get caught napping on the inside however, or the big sneaky double overheads will make you an intimate introduction to some urchins.

A bit of a rotation happening with as many as 8 out at once but lots of drop outs and drop ins. Should have been room for everyone as some were waiting for the smaller west sets inside and others chasing the big SW swell farther out.

Forecasts shows the same and getting bigger towards next weekend. Looks like the season may be on.

Air temperature in the lower 90′s and water temp is 81.

Sunrise is 6:51 and sunset 18:58. High tide at 07:51 and 0.6 ft, low tide at 13:40 and 0.4 ft.

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