All shots by William H. Mertz


SURF REPORT for Troncones, Mexico Updated 6-8-13

Great morning on the backside of a major swell. Day one was Thursday, double and triple overheads and unfortunately a strong cross shore wind shearing the tops. Day two, Friday, a little better but still plenty of wind and very choppy. Today…finally it has cleaned up beautifully and made for an awesome morning.

Overheads, double over and better. Long clean lines on a smooth surface. 6 to 8 out and plenty of rides for anyone that could catch one.

Forecast shows a slow taper but never getting smaller then head high to just overhead.

Sunrise is at 7:09 AM and sunset at 20:22 PM.

Air temps in the low 90’s.

Water temps in the low 80’s and very clear.

Looks like the rains may be starting so expect possible to probable afternoon and evening thundershowers.

All photos are from Manzanillo Bay, Troncones GRO. Mexico

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