All shots by William H. Mertz


SURF REPORT for Troncones, Mexico Updated 2-3-13

Good Afternoon from Troncones, MX and Manzanillo Bay

Super nice point this morning. Clean large sets, most well overhead, and building. No breeze, smooth surface and great angle.

I am going to throw the beach break in here as well. Longs waves. A little walled, but if you found the sweet spot there were great rides to be had. Averaging just under head high.

Two out on the point early. Beach break had a crowd of 10 or more.

Looks like the same conditions for as far as the eye can see.

At this point, with much of upper North America locked in the winter chill and blizzard conditions I question… Why aren’t you here?

Air temperature in the lower 90′s and water temp is 82.

Sunrise is 7:14 and sunset 18:47. High tide at 10:12 and 1.4 ft, low tide at 17:00 and 0.2 ft.

Photos are from Troncones Point, Playa Troncones.

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