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Venice Pier Surf Cam and Report

Venice, California has drawn visitors to the area for decades. This vibrant, quirky community in Los Angeles County is known for its free-spirited attitude and boardwalk, attracting skaters, runners, cyclists, and sightseers by the thousands every day. The city is full of restaurants, retail shops, and evening spots so the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

What few tourists know but is common knowledge among the Southern California surfing community is the area’s incredible waves. The surf conditions there are fairly consistent, pumping when other breaks in the area are flat. This is an exposed beach break, with spots to either side of the Venice Pier and the breakwater. Winter is the best time to surf at this location, when wind conditions are favorable. Northeast winds help push swells up here, and the ideal swell angle for Venice Pier is from the west northwest. The beach break can offer waves breaking left or right, depending on swell angle, winds, and ocean currents. This keeps area surfers on their toes and encourages them to be flexible. Locals know that the wave conditions are best on a falling tide, especially around the day’s low tide period. This break does tend to be crowded with locals and tourists, so it’s a good idea to check current conditions before heading out.

The Southern California surfing community relies on the live Venice Pier surf cam and reports from Swell Magnet, the world leader in high-definition surf conditions cameras. Our streaming surf cam is positioned just to the right of the Venice Pier, giving surfers and beachcombers a live look at the conditions going on right now. Swell Magnet is operated by a team of dedicated, experienced surfers and forecasters, who also prepare up-to-date surf forecasts and reports for water sports enthusiasts. With our exclusive live, high-definition web cams and accurate surf reports/forecasts – all available for free on the Web -- people all over the world can keep tabs on conditions at their favorite breaks.

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