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5 Best Surfing Boards for Beginners

Summer is finally here, and many look forward to spending time outdoors. Those living on the coasts of California, Hawaii, or Florida have ideal conditions to learn surfing. Yet, it’s impossible without the right surfboard.

Many aspiring surfers buy high-end professional products. Because of this, it takes them more time to learn. But they’ll be able to use professional equipment in the future. It’s better to stick to beginner surfboards.

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Softech Flash 5FT 7

As with everything, the right tools can make or break your experience. Think back to your student years. The chances are you looked for the best custom writing service and did not pick one at random. It’s the same with selecting your first surfboard. The Softech Flash 5FT 7 is one of the best learning boards out there.

This board is perfect for those who want to learn surfing. It packs more speed and allows users to conquer waves with steeper faces. The Softech Flash 5FT 7 has a stubbier outline and an increased rocker below.

Surftech What I Ride Soft Top 9FT

Another good option for beginners is a soft-decked version of What I Ride Board. It was designed by the legendary Robert August. The beginner version has:


  • A spongy deck. It’s easier on the knees and provides enough grip.
  • Soft EVA covering over the rails. It reduces the chance of hurting anyone.
  • A base finished with Surftech’s Tuflite epoxy construction.


The 9ft board is thicker and wider than the original. But it has the same performance levels as its predecessor. The surfboard can catch even the smallest waves, making it great for beginners.

Osprey 6FT Wood Foamie

This is an ideal board for performing trickier movements on the wave face. Thanks to its length and outline, the Osprey board makes it easier for surfers to cut back and pump to gain speed. Beginners will find that it suits their needs well.

It provides enough volume to catch waves. With its help, beginners will feel more confident in the water. They also won’t have to paddle as much to get on waves. Yet, the shorter length means that heavier adults have a harder time mastering the product.

Tiki Epic 6’6″

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Tiki’s Epic series offers one of the top soft-top products on the market. It’s built with a traditional foam core. A wooden stringer makes the board sturdier. Tiki’s Epic’s core is covered with two layers of 6oz fiberglass.

The product is finished with a 4mm EVA deck skin that’s soft but hard to bend. This board is easier to operate and smaller than a minimal or a longboard. It’s one of the best surfboards for kids and people under 70 kg who want to try out the sport.

JJF By Pyzel, The Log

The Log is one of the best examples of modern learning boards. John John Florence, a two-time world-renowned surfer, designed The Log with Jon Pyzel – one of the greatest shapers in the world.

The surfboard makes it easy to catch waves. It’s maneuverable enough to perform cut-backs, turns, and ride on the wave face. The Log has a traditional form that’s perfect for beginners. Smaller surfers can buy 7 and 8 feet long models. All have a soft EVA skin covering their rails and deck.


Staying fit is extremely important. Surfing will do wonders for your health and improve your sleeping habits. So, check out any of these boards and sign up for surfing lessons today.