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6 Most Underrated Surfing Destinationslacie slezak 7yqyQQXgOT8 unsplash

Surfing is a global water sport, and every year, several million people try their hand at it; or shall we say – feet at it. But when it comes to choosing the best spot, most people usually only talk about the big destinations like Australia, Hawaii, and Portugal. But there are also several other lesser-known and visited surfing sites that will inspire surfers from around the world. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most underrated surfing destinations.


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In no particular order, here are the 6 most underrated surfing destinations.

1) Isla de Santa Marina – Santander, Spain

Although most surfing spots belong to the Basque region in Spain, one can find several areas on the rocky northern coast too. The Isla de Santa Marina beach is located just off the coast of Playa Somo and has a very good surfing scene. The locals here enjoy surfing too and are known to extend their hospitality to surfers from around the world.

2) La Saladita – Guerrero, Mexico

La Saladita is located around forty kilometers from Ixtapa – a buzzing area with several hotels and resorts. The waters in La Saladita are known to provide some of the best waves in Mexico. The La Saladita beach is pristine, sparsely crowded, and has long-peeling left point break waves – which adds to the allure of the spot.

3) The Bubble, Canary Islands

The Bubble is an exposed reef region known to provide strong swells and waves. The waters here are known to be notorious in terms of producing high-intensity waves in flash spells. Although this area is not great in terms of size, it attracts several experienced surfers from around the world.zachary shea MAFUZ8Nh7XQ unsplash

4) Praia da Amoreira – Aljezur, Algarve, Portugal

Amoreira beach lies on the western coast of The Algarve in a beautiful lagoon that is mesmerizing to many. This unique beach is great for several water sports, including swimming, kayaking, and of course, surfing. The waters here provide ample options in terms of wave sizes and forms for all types of surfers.

5) Hoddevik – Selje Municipality, Norway

This beautiful spot is located near picturesque mountains and several Viking settlements. Although the waves aren’t the biggest here, one can enjoy the wide white sand beaches and scenic locations. Hoddevik is a perfect spot for those who are beginners and would also like to enjoy the beach.

6) La Gravière – Hossegor, France

Although France has many great and well-known beaches for surfing, there still exist a few hidden gems that only a few know about. La Gravière, on the western coast, is one of them. Although this beach is ideal for lesser crowds throughout the year, one can also catch the famous WSL world tour event in Autumn.

The Bottom Line

Surfing is an excellent way of enjoying water sports and boosting one’s adrenaline. Although the sport may seem complicated from the outside, one can learn it with some dedication and patience. Today, there are several surfing schools spread across most surfing spots in the world, and applying to them is very easy.