Will Traveling as a Student Ruin Your Chances of Finding a Job?


The are many myths about student travel floating around online — from students having no money and asking their parents to fund their trips to the belief that taking a gap year will harm your chances of finding a job. Fortunately, neither of these is true. 

Although the learning process is tough, many students find possibilities to earn money for their needs. Besides, not all students lack time as they use paper help writing their college assignments. Besides it, such helpers provide assistance all the way before exams. So let’s dive deeper. 

Have you been guilty of believing any of the following five myths?

1. All Students Travel on a Budget

One of the most common misconceptions about student travelers is that they all travel on a budget.

Funnily enough, my most expensive luxury vacations all took place while I was a student! It wasn’t until after graduation that I started looking for ways to travel on a budget.

Just like non-students, students travel in so many different ways — whether it’s luxury or budget, domestic or international. You can find students in dorm rooms in hostels just as often as you’ll see them checking into a boutique hotel. 

2. You Won’t Be Able to Get a Job if You’ve Traveled Long-Term

Taking a gap year? Traveling over the summer instead of getting an internship? Many believe this will ruin your chances of finding a job when, in fact, the opposite is true. Being able to put travel on your resume enhances your chances of finding a job.

You’ll be able to tell employers that you’re adaptable and good at negotiating. You’ll be able to say that you cope well under stress, learned how to recognize and avoid scams, and can quickly deal with unexpected situations. Travel gives you budgeting skills, and teaches you how to plan.

It gives you independence and confidence. Finally, you get to meet and communicate with, people from countries all over the world, overcoming language and cultural barriers daily. 

Travel can boost your resume thanks to all the skills you learn while abroad. 

3. Students Get Their Parents to Pay for Their Travels

Just like I mentioned in the first point, students have a reputation for not having a lot of money. It is therefore common for people you know, as well as your fellow travelers, to assume that your parents are paying for your travels. 

Students will nearly always fund their trips, taking on part-time jobs and saving every spare penny so that they can realize their travel dreams. I have paid for every single aspect of my travels myself and would never intend on asking my parents to fund it! 

4. Students Only Travel to Get Drunk and Party 

Students travel for many reasons but also have a reputation as travelers who like to party — images of debauched Spring Break parties do nothing to help this image.

Students travel for all kinds of reasons. The experts from domywriting states that students travel to experience new cultures, explore the history of a place, try local food, and meet people from all over the world. Not all students get drunk and party when they travel.

5. Traveling as a Student is Dangerous 

Travel often gets a bit of a bad reputation for being dangerous, and it especially does when students want to travel. With little life experience, students are seen as being far more vulnerable to scams and attacks.

However, with just a small amount of research before leaving, students will be able to travel well-equipped to deal with unfavorable experiences. There are very few students who don’t have a safe and happy adventure.