Surfing is an amazing sport and one that requires stunning locations to go with it. There’s not much more thrilling than the sensation of balancing on the soaring waters. If playing on the waves is your thing, take a look at these five top surf destinations across the world to find the top breaks at the point as well as beach breaks and reef breaks.Let’s get started, or, better yet, go surfing.p1

1. Nazare, Portugal

The natural wonder of this lake holds the most record-breaking 100-foot wave that has ever been ridden. Extreme surfer Garrett McNamara made headlines a couple of years back (2011) for his ability to balance himself on a 100-foot cliff of water. This was possible because of the 16,000 feet beneath the sea canyon, which points downwards as an arrow. The wave occurred after an enormous storm near the shores of Ireland. However, this could mean massively large wipeouts should the conditions turn out to be unlucky. The huge waves of Nazare are certainly not just for the most skillful and adventurous surfers.p2

2. Les Cavaliers, Anglet, France

Les Cavaliers is best known for its surf spots that are family-friendly. Les Cavaliers offers beach breaks unlike any other place in the world. The powerful waves permit Les Cavaliers to host several professional surfing competitions and events. For instance, the WSL World Tour has been staged in the area several times. Due to the fact that the area is the beach, it can become extremely crowded during the summer months.


3. Cloud Nine, Siargao Island, Philippines

Cloud 9 is one of the most famous waves that are located in the Philippines. Also, Sergio Island is among the top spots for surfing in the nation and is consistently named among the top surfing spots in the world. The ocean at Sergio is always present, and the deep airy tubes that make up Cloud 9 make for an amazing, though challenging, surfing experience. The most appealing thing is that Sergio is only accessible via domestic flights. It’s extremely isolated. This has made it easier to preserve the environment and atmosphere of the island, which makes this one of the authentic island vacation spots you can go to.

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4. Hoddevik, Norway

Hoddevik is among those destinations that require the use of a heavy wetsuit. The water is cold, but with a lack of beaches and amazing breaks, you’ll never like the temperature if you’re wearing the correct suit. Hoddevik is most well-known as a surfing town. Surfing, however, is a memorable experience that can cost one million dollars. If you go before October, you’ll enjoy a little less bulky suits. There are two hotel options, both of which rent out surf equipment.p5

5. Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Playa Grande runs along the north Pacific Coast in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. If not for the surf, it is a must to make the trip to Playa Grande for its unbeatable sunsets. However, the waves are the reason that the breaks are consistently stable and well-balanced enough to suit surfers at any level. The most notable feature is the year-round swell south. The water is warm all the year, making for the perfect surfing experience.There you are. If you’re interested in playing with the ocean for excitement or for relaxing enjoyment, these are the most beautiful places in the world you can go to. Be sure to remain within the boundaries of your abilities.p6About Authorp7Daniel HowardDaniel brings life to writing through the power of words. He is our fervent blogger who spends the majority of his time writing informative articles for the StudyCrumb  blog. A true journalist, he’s joined our platform to assist students in writing essays that resonate with readers.