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5 Ways to Find a Friendly Surfing Community 


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Written by Emma from noseridersurf.com



To surf alone or with a group? Surfers have different preferences when it comes to hitting the waves. Some totally thrive in the solitude of independence. Relishing the freedom and connection with nature, they prefer to soak up the moment and stay focused. For these people, each session is a personal journey of self-reliance and tranquility. 


On the other hand, there are surfers out there who find joy in the social aspect of surfing. Heading to the waves with a friend, or even a group, these surfers seek shared experiences, inspiration, a feeling of safety and sometimes even an opportunity for friendly competition. 

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Whether you’re the kind of person who enjoys the solitude of the ocean, or the camaraderie of a group, a surf community can be a wonderful way to:

  • Find support and encouragement to improve
  • Lift your surfing spirit and become inspired 
  • Share knowledge and receive guidance and insights
  • Learn about the local area
  • Find out about local events or meetups
  • Make new connections with like-minded individuals 


Ready to find your surfing family? Whether you’re a tourist in Portugal, a new surfer in Bali or a digital nomad in South Africa, here are some tips for finding friends amongst the waves.


Connecting with Surf Enthusiasts: Tips and Strategies 


Hit the Waves


Ready to dive into a new surf community? Simply get out there and catch some waves! Head to popular surf spots and strike up conversations with fellow surfers in the lineup, on the beach, or in the car park. While not everyone may want to chat as they surf, you’ll find those who truly do. Embrace the opportunity to connect with wave enthusiasts and soak up some local surf culture in the simplest way.


Join a Facebook or Meetup group


Getting a little impatient when it comes to finding your people? Explore some online platforms and search for surfing groups. On facebook, you’ll find all kinds of groups set up purely for surfing communities in different destinations across the world. Write a post, ask questions and see who’s keen to meet up. You could also check out MeetUp and find any groups which gather for regular surfing, as well as Bumble BFF where you can match with those who share specific interests. 


The great thing about using online platforms is that you can find people quickly in new destinations. Whether you’re a digital nomad spending a few months in Australia, or a holiday-maker in Hawaii, you’ll be able to find the right people, right away!


Attend a Surf Camp or Surf Lessons


If you’re new to an area and looking to find some friendly faces, a surf camp or even some lessons might be the way to go. In doing so, you’ll quickly find yourself a part of an electric atmosphere, where laughter and high-fives are as common as wipeouts. Swap stories, cheer each other on, and build a tight-knit community of your own that extends beyond the surf. 


Work at a Surf Shop


Got some free time on your hands? Perhaps even traveling or spending some time in a new country? Working in a local surf shop is a great way to make some surfing companions. With surf-obsessed customers coming your way every single day, you’ll be well placed to ask questions, mingle and suss out the surfing scene.


Unlock the Power of Community


Within close-knit circles, surfers thrive; finding support, camaraderie, and shared joy. From beginners seeking guidance, to experienced wave enthusiasts, we all look to connect. Find your community using these simple tips, and you’ll be well on your way to better, and more fulfilling surfing!