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A month trip in Lisbon: where to surf?

You must travel to Lisbon if you are a professional wave rider or if you are new to the sport. Lisbon is renowned as one of Europe’s top locations for surfing and surf camps due to its abundance of scenic beaches and enormous waves that smash throughout the year.Lisbon, the capital and largest city of Portugal, is known for its vibrant nightlife, nearly ideal year-round climate, and prime Atlantic Ocean position. The only World Surf Reserve in all of Europe is also located near Lisbon; it’s south of the city in a little coastal hamlet named Ericeira. Lisbon has several places to surf, so you might not know where to begin. to assist you in determining where to surf in Lisbon.

Portuguese Surfing: Top Locations

Without a doubt, Portugal is the greatest surfing location in all of Europe. The circumstances are perfect for surfing those big waves all year round because to the moderate temperature, the ocean, and the vast, untamed coastlines. There are many choices if you’re seeking for the top surfing spots in Portugal.

Matosinhos Beach

The renowned Matosinhos Beach, which is great for learning to surf, is the primary surfing location. One of the nicest beaches in northern Portugal, with year-round waves that are simple to spot, is this one. Beginners should go to this beach since it is wall-protected, and the water is calmer.


At the very edge of Portugal, Sagres offers a number of different surf beaches to explore. Tonel is the primary surfing beach on the west coast. Summertime crowding is extreme, while wintertime crowding is extreme. Sagres’s Praia Mareta is on the south coast, and the rest of the year it resembles a lake since it requires a very particular swell direction to generate waves that may be surfed.


Espinho might not be the ideal location for novices due to its more hazardous waves, but it is still feasible to visit and enjoy this beach because it also includes a fantastic natural pool. Espinho beach provides camping opportunities and close proximity to nature for those who are more daring.


Another excellent surfing area near Lisbon is Poca. If you’re seeking for beginner-friendly surf areas in Lisbon, this beach is not the place to go because of its rugged coastline and rough seas. Only experienced or intermediate surfers should attempt to ride the big waves that the North wind swells create as the waves begin to go (the optimum time is at mid-tide.

Surfers of all skill levels may enjoy Sao Pedro’s excellent waves. If the waves are operating properly, the waves here are renowned to be calm and lengthy.


Portugal has a year-round surfing season. Everyone, from novices to experts, may have unforgettable experiences thanks to the variety of the natural surroundings and the wonderful temperature. Rent & stay at one of the furnished appartment is a good option for minimum a period of month. that line the beaches to get the most out of your surfing trip to Portugal.