Having Cam Issues?


Our feeds work best on Google’s Chrome browser, on both Windows and Mac machines. Firefox works with our streams as well, but it will sometimes block Flash Player especially if you are running an outdated version, which might lead some of you to believe you are having cam issues.

We have tested our feeds on Safari for Mac, the test machine was a MacBook Pro late 2012 model, running El Capitan OS. You do not need Flash Player if you are trying to view our feeds on Safari, however some of you might have it enabled for our site. If you have Flash enabled for Safari you might see an error message somewhere along the lines like “Failed to Load Flash Plugin”, you can disable Flash only for our site, without having to disable it entirely, please take a look at the screenshots below to see how to disable flash for Swellmagnet.com.


Click on the images for a larger view, then follow the steps on each screenshot. When you complete all the steps, refresh your browser.

PRO TIP: if a cam is lagging with the little spin wheel of death, a quick refresh of the page will solve that issue.

PRO TIP: if you are using Chrome and the cams still don’t play, you might need to flush your browser cache – instructions here.

Mobile iOS Devices

We have tested the cams to be working fine on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus and iPad Air. They also work right out of the box on safari browsers on iPhone 4 models as well as the iPod Touch 5th Gen model.

The Swellmagnet App works flawlessly on all iOS Mobile Devices, click the icon below for more info about the App, or look for the Swellmagnet App through the Apple App Store.


Mobile Android Devices

Swellmagnet is working hard to make all the live feeds compatible on as many devices as possible.

The best solution to view our live feeds on Android devices is to use the Free version of Puffin Browser available from the Google Play Store. We have successfully tested on the following Android devices: Nexus 6 (Motorola), Nexus 7 Tablet (Google/Asus), Galaxy S6 (Samsung), Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Huawei GX8

Please note that for Android devices Google Chrome browser will not be able to play the streams.


If these trouble shooting tips didn’t work for you feel free to contact us directly, using our contact form, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are up and running. Thank you for your continued support and remember to “Surf Here First”!

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