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E. Nusa Tengerra

I departed from San Francisco August 8; 20 hours later landed half way around the world in Bali, Indonesia. Finding this to be party central, I almost missed my flight the following morning to the East Nusa Tengarra region of Indonesia.

The journey was worth the effort. Waiting for our group, anchored in a small bay 200 yards of the coast, was a palace of ship The Mahalo II. This boat exceeded my already heightened expectations. I felt I had paid a healthy sum to be on a comfortable boat for 11 nights, and I was not disappointed.


Our group of 8 was accommodated in 2 luxury, 4 berth air-conditioned cabins. Each cabin had two large windows. I could sit up in bed at any time to check the surf. The galley and kitchen more closely resembled a small restaurant than any boat I had been on before. ll just stop here and point our some amenities so I don’t sound like I’m gushing.

2 large bathrooms w/hot cold running water showers

2 x 15 zodiacs for surf transfers, our group often split between breaks

Inside, outside entertainment units

Upstairs downstairs outside seating areas.

long outdoor cooler filled with sodas beer

Unlimited fresh drinking water

Lots of fishing snorkeling equipment

2015 08 20 surf barbados

Basically, everything necessary for fun in the sun. We definitely did well with swell. The photos tell it all. Typically on a surf trip, if I get fun surf 50% of the days I return happy. I expected better from all the stories I have heard from friends about Indo. I expected surf every day. Again, not disappointed. We got overhead surf every day. The best part, there were no other boats in this area. Only 1 spot we surfed had other surfers and they accessed the lineup by paddling 500 yards from shore. I think one of the guys counted it out as 1400 strokes.

Samoa Surfing

Captain Gary Burns who has been chartering this area for the past 6 years talked the group into having a refreshing mud pack. I may have gone a little overboard by climbing into one of the mud cones head first. It is a 15 minute hike back down the mountain to the beach. After a salt water rinse my epidermis felt soft and refreshed. I think they sell this mud in Beverly Hills to rich chicks for $50 per 6oz bottle. Anyway, really can’t say enough good stuff about the entire experience. Must have gotten lucky on this one. I’m planning on returning again next year to find out. Thanks to Wendy at WaterWays for lining me up.

Stay Wet,